Minecraft PE 1.20 and 1.20.0

Download Minecraft 1.20 and 1.20.0 for Android: use new abilities, craft tools, get more blocks, and see beautiful biomes!

Minecraft PE 1.20

The most interesting content in Minecraft PE 1.20 and 1.20.0

Fans of the game were looking forward to what the developers of Mojang would create. Mobs from Minecraft 1.20 and 1.20.0 used to appear in the game only with the help of mods, but now they live in the vastness of the virtual world. Also, locations from popular maps at Minecraft PE are now part of the block reality. For example, players can visit deep mines and get new resources there.

New materials and tools

There is material has appeared that has radioactive properties in Minecraft PE. Uranium ore can become a source of uranium.

New Ore

Topaz ore, silver ore, and much more have also been added to the game world. All these materials have unusual textures and can be melted in the furnace, obtaining the necessary elements. Players can use new materials for creating tools. For example, the developers offer to make a drill.


By the way, there are dangerous creatures live in the mines. Zombie miners can attack Steve any moment.


A new feature in Minecraft 1.20 and 1.20.0 involves excavations throughout the game world. Users can find ceramics and other resources for survival.


There are necessary items such as brushes and ceramics that were added to the game to help players use archaeology.


This creepy blind creature lives in the Deep Dark biome of Minecraft PE 1.20 and 1.20.0. Since Warden has sensitive hearing, players need to go as quietly as possible if it is nearby.


The mob can receive a signal from an acoustic sensor, so it is worth isolating such blocks before going to the Deep Dark. Wool or blocks of water are suitable for this. If you do not anger the monster for a minute, it will go back into the darkness and will not attack the player.

Mangrove swamps

In Minecraft 1.20 and 1.20.0, players can walk through mangrove swamps, extracting wood and dirt. There are some types of mobs in the swamps, including frogs and tadpoles.


These amphibians are familiar to players since Minecraft PE 1.19. They not only jump and make realistic sounds but can also give players blocks of froglight. These blocks have an unusual texture with a glow.


If the player wants to breed frogs, he will have to stock up on slime blocks.


These tiny mobs in Minecraft 1.20 and 1.20.0 live in dark caves and swamps. At night, they glow, creating additional lighting in the game world.


Fireflies often move in groups, so it’s hard not to notice them in the dark.

Download Minecraft 1.20 and 1.20.0

Download Minecraft PE 1.20.0 and 1.20: play with frogs, firefiles and Warden: https://planet-minecraft.com/download-minecraft-pe-1-20-0/

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