Metal Gear Solid 5 modder invests 2 years and also virtually $500 upgrading in-game weapons

Jim Lafleur via NexusMods
(Image credit report: Jim Lafleur through NexusMods)

A Metal Gear Solid 5 gamer has actually invested 2 years modding real-life weapons right into the game.

That gamer would certainly be Jim Lafleur, that just recently published his mod, called Uncle Jimbo’s Gunpack, to NexusMods (opens up in brand-new tab) last month inDecember Lafleur started deal with the enthusiastic mod for Metal Gear Solid 5 over 2 years earlier, and also has actually invested a grand overall of $442.24 USD on the mod to day.

That’s due to the fact that the modder has actually acquired “the highest quality gun models” online to place in Metal Gear Solid 5 through the mod. Lafleur also got contributions from over 20 individuals around the globe to deal with the mod, and also wound up making use of 11 software application to obtain the mod up and also running.

If you mount Uncle Jimbo’s Gunpack mod for Metal Gear Solid 5, you’ll promptly obtain your tools traded out for real-world equivalents. There’s 2K and also 1K aesthetic alternatives for all the tools themselves, along with UI overhauls and also functioning summaries for each brand-new weapon.

The tools themselves consist of a precise AK-47, which you would certainly be forgiven for neglecting Metal Gear Solid 5 really did not in fact attribute to begin with, along with brand-new guns, sniper rifles, machineguns, and also also a rocket launcher. Well, the mod did purpose to trade out every weapon in Metal Gear Solid 5’s comprehensive toolbox, besides.

So much, Uncle Jimbo’s Gunpack is quickly among the much more prominent current Metal Gear Solid 5 mods, generating over 4,500 downloads to day, with over 100 upvotes on NexusMods.

Last year, a fake Metal Gear Solid 5 alpha began doing the rounds online, and also it had preservationists and also conspiracy theory philosophers alike absolutely connected.




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