Mass Effect Andromeda information: Meridian – The Way Home, Khi Tasira

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It’s time to take Meridian.


Now that you just’ve settled the Krogan paradise of Elaaden and taken The Journey to Meridian, Mass Effect Andromeda‘s fundamental quest precedence operations are drawing to a fast conclusion: the time has come to attempt to take Meridian and, if mandatory, take out the Archon. Things are heating up!

Find extra suggestions, methods and explanations in our Mass Effect Andromeda guide and walkthrough.

The Point of No Return

The kick-off for this mission is a bit totally different to every other mission within the recreation – and that’s as a result of we’re quickly heading in direction of the tip of the sport. Things are immediately a bit totally different. While you’ll have discovered a slew of recent quests unlocking alongside every new Priority Op, The Way Home triggers no such collection of quests – and that’s as a result of the sport is on the brink of wrap itself up.

This is the purpose of no return, of kinds, and because of this you’ll need to attempt to tidy up any quests. We’ve listed all of the facet missions and duties that unlock alongside every main mission on their walkthrough pages – you should use this as a guidelines of kinds. You can try all of the available quests via our guide hub, and also you’ll discover the newest quests that unlocked on the pages for Hunting the Archon and The Journey to Meridian.

One good factor to notice, nonetheless, is that nearly all the sport’s quests will nonetheless be out there to you after the credit roll in a post-game save. There is an exception, nonetheless: something involving the Hyperion. Make certain you tidy off any quests marked as coming from the Hyperion in your quest log, for they received’t be out there post-credits.


Optional Extras earlier than hitting Meridian

Before you head to Meridian, there are some quests you must think about doing. These quests could have a big affect on the finale of the sport – so in case you don’t do them issues might be totally different and fairly probably a bit worse.

Below, we clarify the missions in query and why:

  • Missing Arks – Turian Ark: Lost however not Forgotten

    Tracking down the Turian Ark on this sub-quest will result in you lastly having a Turian Pathfinder in your facet. The extra pathfinders the higher for this remaining assault.

  • Missing Arks – Cora Harper: Asari Ark

    Much as with the Turian Ark, following Cora’s loyalty mission received’t simply make her loyal and unlock her rank six expertise however may also a technique or one other imply you find yourself with an Asari pathfinder. Be certain to both conceal the soiled secret or appoint a brand new pathfinder solely if you need their assist.

  • Know Your Enemy

    This quest line is all a few little bit of dissent throughout the Kett hierarchy – not each Kett agrees with what the Archon is as much as. Completing this quest would possibly imply you will have some inside assist…


Gather Scourge Data from the Galaxy Map

In order to trace down Meridian, there’s a little bit of busy work too. First off, chat to Suvi on the bridge of the Tempest. After some exposition you’re to use the Galaxy Map and gather knowledge on the Scourge. Since you’ll be travelling round anyway this is a perfect time to tidy up missions, as talked about above.

Once you’ve gathered the info you’re pointed to, use the terminal on the Tempest Bridge to analyse it. You’ll then be pointed again to Khi Tasira, the place we visited within the earlier fundamental mission, The Journey to Meridian.

This is the place the true level of no return is, and the sport will provide you with a warning of this truth. When you’re prepared, head to Khi Tasira to kick off Mass Effect Andromeda’s finale.


Back on Khi Tasira – and the Hyperion

On Khi Tasira you’ll face a variety of Remnant enemies – keep in mind that these guys are artificial, and they also’re weak to electricity-based assaults similar to Overload and different tech powers. Remember, nonetheless, that the load-out you choose will carry via with you proper to the tip of the sport – and that’s going to contain a giant boss encounter and a few additional encounters with the Kett. Pick a load-out and construct that you just suppose can deal with either side of issues.

Battle your means via Khi Tasira – then you definately’re in for a little bit of a shock. We received’t spoil it.

Now you must battle your means via the Ark Hyperion – the distinction being that you just don’t have a lot in the way in which of weaponry. Use your pistol and grenades fastidiously to take down the Kett – it’s solely the Chosen, so that you don’t have to fret an excessive amount of about this in comparison with different encounters. As you progress, you’ll quickly discover a lot deadlier Kett, however the story provides you a means round it.

Get to the console indicated and use it. Some story unfolds… and then you definately’ll end up again aboard the Tempest.


The Final Battle for Meridian

On the Tempest issues don’t cease for a breather, probably not. This is a final probability to speak to your squad earlier than the finale – in case, you recognize, anybody doesn’t make it. Or simply to offer them a pep discuss – both means, think about taking the time to have a chat with every of them. While you’re again on the Tempest, this nonetheless counts as a part of the mission, so you may’t save or fly wherever else.

This is now a remaining assault. Here, your selections from all through the sport will come again to assist or hang-out you within the type of which pleasant faces present up that can assist you – or which of them don’t. The Pathfinders, the Angaran Resistance – a number of folks may also help you relying in your selections all through the sport, as detailed in the rest of our guide.

Fight your means via the waves of Kett enemies. Everybody is at this occasion – there’s Ascendant, Chosen, Anointed, Destined, the works. You’ll even face the occasional uncommon Exalted Krogan. We’ve published strategies on how to take down several of these tougher enemy types on our other pages.

You know the way to take all these down from hours of battling Kett proper throughout the Heleus Cluster – simply make use of every thing you already discovered right here. Remember which you could order your squad to focus hearth and talent use on a selected enemy if you have to take them down quick, and maintain shifting from cowl to cowl to maintain your self protected.

Don’t overlook the essential fight setup both: slow-firing weapons are higher towards armor, fast hearth is healthier towards shields.

The destiny of Captain Dunn

At a degree on this remaining push Captain Dunn of the Hyperion will throw herself in hurt’s means for the larger good. She will die until you made some prescient selections all through the sport: if there’s a useful Asari Pathfinder and if Avitus is the Turian Pathfinder, Captain Dunn might be saved.


The Final Boss – The Archon and the Architect

After Captain Dunn’s destiny is determined you’ll have a collection of tougher battles together with an Exalted Krogan and a Fiend on the identical time(!), however once more, your fundamental fight smarts will see you thru this one. Clear out the Kett and push on, and then you definately’re going to be given a extra particular process.

What you have to do is get to the place identified to you by your useful ally after which maintain your place there till the console you want turns into lively. You’ll should repeat this 3 times. That doesn’t sound so unhealthy, proper? Well… there’s a catch.

The catch is an architect. The excellent news is that in case you’ve been fastidious about your facet mission completion you should have already battled a couple of of those unhealthy boys, although this battle is a bit totally different since you will have a further goal to fret about. Still, our original architect strategies still very much apply.

Here are some fundamental suggestions:

  • Focus on the small remnant first – the smaller remnant similar to assemblers and observers needs to be your preliminary precedence, and as soon as they’re down then flip your consideration on the architect.
  • Make good use of canopy – whereas a lot of Andromeda’s fight permits you to sort out issues in a extra cellular method, you’ll need to make good use of canopy towards the architect – its weapons are devastating.
  • Be prepared to maneuver away from grenade spam – the architect will use sticky grenades to flush you out of canopy, however the UI marks them clearly. When it spits grenades out, make a transfer.
  • Be conscious of your place – this can be a easy one, however watch the place you step – you have to be contained in the markings the UI leaves on the ground to ensure that the hacking to progress. Hold the road!
  • When the top is uncovered, assault! – attacking the top when your allies inform you to can go away the architect briefly out of motion, providing you with very important time to regroup.

Once you interface with all three consoles you’ll be capable of absolutely defeat the Architect and with it the Archon. Meridian is yours! We’ll go away what occurs subsequent for the sport to elucidate.

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