Longstanding MMO developer unveils Guild Wars 3 in development, leaving fans uncertain

Guild Wars 2
(Image credit scores: NCSOFT)

Guild Wars 3 has actually silently been validated.

Although Guild Wars 2 was initially launched back in 2012, it’s still among one of the most prominent MMOs with energetic web servers and simply in 2015 went down the typically popular 4th development, Secrets of the Obscure, with even more ahead in 2024 and 2025. That, integrated with the reality that designer ArenaNet and author NCSoft have not even teased a follow up, makes it a huge shock that Guild Wars 3 has actually currently been formally, and strangely delicately, revealed.

Per Korean magazine Inven (equated by Reddit user Sydius – through Kotaku), NCSoft co-CEO Park Byung-moo lately validated the presence of Guild Wars 3 in an instead casual fashion throughout the author’s current investor conference. No extra information, past the reality that the game is currently in advancement, were disclosed, however the information however sent out shockwaves via the MMO neighborhood.

While there’s naturally a basic exhilaration that a follow up is coming, there’s likewise some worry that the game might ditch its reliable money making version of billing gamers one cost for the preliminary access and afterwards just billing for huge developments afterwards. In various other words, Guild Wars has actually traditionally varied from various other MMOs because it does not ask gamers to pay a membership cost, and some individuals are stressed NCSoft will certainly begin billing a month-to-month cost or locate a few other live-servicey method to generate income from the follow up.

“I hope they keep what made GW1 and 2 unique. $60 purchase one time, with expansions, and a beautiful world with champ trains. That’d be a day 1 buy for me. Excited to hear it, i have faith. Scared to hear it’ll be f2p or something,” said one Reddit user responding to the information.

“As much as I love GW2, it’s clear that the monetization model wasn’t sufficient in enticing NCSoft to allocate more resources to it as time went on. You could feel the decrease in quality from expansion to expansion, living world to living world,” argued another commenter, wrapping up, “And given the current landscape of monetization in MMO’s, and how NCSoft is going about it in their other games, I’m very skeptical that it won’t be an MTX fest,” they ended.

“The mention of GW3 came as a response to a question about NCWest being in the red for 8 years. Pretty sure they will attempt to make it a cash cow,” said another skeptic. “2004 was 2 decades ago. We’re not getting that golden age back.”

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