Lanmodo Vast M1: Flexible Car Night Vision Device for Safer Driving

The Lanmodo Vast M1 is an amazing screen lens separated automotive night vision system that helps drivers enjoy a safer driving experience at night. This new product will be released on Indiegogo on January 20th, 2022,  the initial price starts from $199, which should be worth $389. It comes with various features like a 1080p night vision image, wide-angle, recording functions, parking monitoring, G-sensor, etc.

Lanmodo Vast M1 - Main

Functions of Lanmodo Vast M1

The Lanmodo Vast M1 is a device that offers night vision functions and recording video segments for drivers. This device is specifically designed to reduce the amount of trouble that drivers have to face in accidents. Here are the features and functions that the Lanmodo Vast M1 provides.

Lanmodo Vast M1 - #1

The device uses a Sony CMOS sensor and a full color dual 1080 P Image that helps drivers to drive all along the way. The black light front camera can be installed at your convenience and can be adjusted in order to reduce the glare from traffic lights or other cars.

The Lanmodo Vast M1 has a 75-degree view angle and captures a wide field during night driving. It offers up to 300 meters of night vision distance which gives you enough reaction time to avoid an accident.

The device also offers recording in full HD resolution to capture the real-life details on roads and offers loop recording, which helps in deleting older recordings and superseding them with new ones once the storage is full. The G-sensor helps in detecting a sudden collision and locks the collision footage.

Lanmodo Vast M1 - #2

It also offers a 24-hour parking monitor to help protect your car at almost any time to help monitor and protect you from potential incidents. Continuous monitoring is achieved with OBD power which has low voltage protection to avoid draining power from the car.

Lanmodo Vast M1 also offers a 170-degree wider angle view and a 1080 pixels image of the rear view camera. It also comes with IP 67 waterproofing that helps resist any sort of precipitation during driving. This also helps in any other wet circumstances that can put the drivers in a tough spot.

Lanmodo Vast M1 - #3

People who have to drive through the dark roads, especially on winter nights, who with weak eyesight or older drivers, really could get benefit from Vast M1 night vision system. Because staying safe is priceless. Also, it could help truck drivers and police to achieve better results when on duty at night. The device has been designed to cater to a vast demographic and help in bringing out real-time solutions to problems that drivers face on a daily basis.

The device is made in such a way that it can help in almost all-weather conditions, be it rainy, foggy, or snowy. This will help drivers in any working condition during the night out during bad weather conditions.

Lanmodo Vast M1 - #3

Installation can be done easily, and most people themselves can do the installation. Lanmodo Vast M1 night vision system not only can be installed on dashboard or windshield with its nano glue accessories, which means it is easy to remove to your other car if necessary; but also it could be attached on rear view mirror. The device is applicable to almost 99% of car models. Just following the user manual instructions can enable almost any other person to successfully install the Vast M1.

Lanmodo Vast M1 - #5

The Lanmodo Vast M1 will be made available in the market in the month of January in the year 2022 on IndieGoGo. If you need a dashcam, you can take a look, because it has multi dashcam functions, if you need a car night vision system, extremely suggest you take look at this device, because its night vision effect may surprise you!

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