EKSA E900 Pro gaming headset review – when cheap doesn’t mean bad

Many players who want to fully dive into their favorite shooter or strategy are willing to pay tons of money for the very best. However, it often happens that the prices for accessories can be unreasonably high. And if it comes to headphones, then there is an alternative.

EKSA E900 Pro Headset - Box

Today we take a look at the inexpensive EKSA E900 Pro gaming headset, which can be a good alternative to more expensive and branded models.


The novelty developed with the participation of esports professionals and game designers. It works with all gaming platforms – PCs, consoles and tablets and smartphones

What’s in box?

In the box you can find the headset itself, a detachable microphone, a USB Type-C to Type-A cable, a headphone and microphone splitter, and a storage bag. Everything is simple, functional and enough for immediate connection. Most importantly, there is nothing superfluous.

EKSA E900 Pro Headset - Equipment

Appearance, style, connectors

The novelty is made in black and red colors like AMD and MSI Gaming X. The headset is made of matte plastic, there are no glossy elements, which pleases the eye. But the mounts of the emitters are metal, so you don’t have to worry about their quickly breaking.

EKSA E900 Pro Headset - Appearance

The headphones themselves are of the open type – the mesh on the outside confirms this. Although they are called semi-open, this is the usual open type. The overlays are made of eco-leather, like the headboard.

EKSA E900 Pro Headset - Eco-leather

The main cable with a 3.5 mm plug and a USB Type-C port are used for connection. You can connect both ways, but in the second case there are more possibilities.

Technical parameters and software

The headset got 50 mm speakers with 7.1-channel virtual sound. The headphones provide a frequency range of 20 to 20,000 Hz. The sensitivity is 118 dB (+ -3 dB), the resistance is 32 ohms. The microphone is equipped with a noise canceling function that effectively cuts out background sounds. Its sensitivity is -42 dB (+ -3 dB), impedance is 2.2 KOhm.

EKSA E900 Pro Headset -Tech specifications

Headphone software is available on the official site. There you can find drivers and software for adjusting the equalizer, saving profiles, and so on. However, all this only works when the E900 Pro is connected via USB.

Impressions and price

I must admit that the headset is quite good in its category. May be not top one, but a solid middling for sure. 360-degree audio positioning works correctly, voice communication in chats and instant messengers is good. At the same time, the ears inside the ear pads do not sweat, at least during testing. Thus, for games it is quite possible to recommend it as a universal solution.

EKSA E900 Pro Headset -Impressions

Although it is possible to listen to music in it, the sound does not please enough. Low frequencies are worked out poorly, the sound is dry, and vocals are not clearly transmitted. This is especially noticeable when using the built-in sound card, and not a separate one. In the second case, the situation improves slightly, but not much and it only works through a 3.5mm cable. But the back-lights function only when connected via USB.

And finally, the price. This headset in the official store costs $50, which is quite good for such a headset. Although you can find cheaper on Aliexpress, then the question remains with the guarantee.


If you do not impose high demands on crystal clear sound, do not expect a “transparent quality”, then the headset is 100% suitable for games. For your money – a very worthy option. And on the Amazon headset climbed on the top-decisions for Mac. Fortunately, it can really be connected to any source.

EKSA E900 Pro Headset - Review

So if you can let go the fact that quality of music isn’t good enough, and just focus on movies and games, then the EKSA E900 Pro is quite a worthy purchase.