Justice for Kelnacca: The True Hero of The Acolyte

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[Ed. note: This post discusses events through episode 4 of The Acolyte.]

Men just intend to listen to something, and it’s revolting:Wookie Jedi According to my study, so do ladies, and nonbinary people. In truth, “Wookie Jedi” is among one of the most exhilarating Star Wars– associated expressions one can utter, a personality concept so dope it does not appear lawful. Well, in Star Wars’ High Republic era, it is: Burryaga, a young Wookie Jedi, projects in the lots of High Republic books you can review, and The Acolyte lastly offered him an on-screen equivalent. That’s right, I’m speaking about Kelnacca, the Wookie with an evil topknot that the program has done unclean This can not stand.

To wrap-up, the narrative back of The Acolyte so far has actually been Mae (Amandla Stenberg) and her mission to kill the Jedi existing at the fatality of the coven that elevated her and her shed double, Osha (additionally Stenberg). One of those Jedi was Kelnacca, following on Mae’s want list in The Acolyte‘s 4th episode. However, as opposed to an unwell Kelnacca/Mae battle that showcases the large expertise of a Force- delicate Wookie, we obtain anticlimax. There is no Kelnacca face-off, due to the fact that Mae’s concealed master has actually rudely defeated her to him. He’s dead.

Hey Lucasfilm: How are you mosting likely to do Kelnacca like that? Wookies have actually been playing 2nd fiddle to their fairly hairless costars for years currently. Does Kelnacca also share a scene with an additional Wookiee that’s not regarding a non-Wookie? I do not believe so. You stopped working the Wookiee Bechdel Test, The Acolyte.

Way back in 2016, when Netflix’s Stranger Things debuted, followers obtained done in a tizzy over the fatality of small personality Barb, played byShannon Purser “Justice for Barb,” the followers stated, rallying online. I really did not actually obtain it after that and I do not obtain it currently, however I expect it behaves to really feel component of something, to recognize that great deals of other individuals appear to respect edge television personalities you have a love for.

Such holds true withKelnacca I can not be the just one out below that desires my badass Wookie young boy to have his day in the sunlight, trashing … whoever the crooks go to this factor in Star Wars background. Tax evaders?

Anyway, justice for Kelnacca! If The Acolyte does not provide us a recall episode starring him, I will certainly be rather cross. Don’ t make me create an additional blog site. I’ll do it.


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