Инсайдер Маджин Бу опубликовал чертежи iPhone 16 и концепты на их основе:• Диаго..

Insider Majin Bu has published the blueprints of iPhone 16 and its concept designs:

• The screen size of the smaller iPhone 16 might increase to 6.3″ due to thinner bezels, whereas the screen size of the 16 Pro Max will remain the same as the 15 Pro Max, according to the insider.

• The volume buttons will become touch-based with haptic feedback, and they will be completely flush or even recessed relative to the frame of the body. They probably also perform some additional functions. The mute switch will be replaced with an Action Button, as on the iPhone 15 Pro.

• The rear cameras will be arranged in a style between the iPhone X and iPhone 11. Apple will return to a vertical camera layout so that users can record spatial videos for viewing in augmented reality mode on Apple Vision Pro.

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