How to locate God of War Ragnarök’s Muspelheim seeds

Kratos leans against a giant sword in Muspelheim after getting two Muspelheim seeds in God of War Ragnarok.

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In God of War Ragnarök, heck is iced up over. Maybe you anticipated something a little bit much more standard: a steaming warm morass, taken in lava as well as loaded with bunches of beasts that desire absolutely nothing greater than to use your skin as a coat. That area exists in Ragnarök. You simply need to head to Muspelheim, the land of the fire titans.

Muspelheim is a persisting location from God of War (2018), as well as is just like its model in the initial game (an optional onslaught that matches you versus significantly tough opponents). To accessibility the world in God of War Ragnarök, you require to seek 2 Muspelheim seeds, which will certainly permit you to utilize mystic portals to take a trip there at will. Here’s where to locate both Muspelheim seeds in God of War Ragnarök, plus a fast review of the obstacles you can anticipate to deal with as soon as you arrive.

First Muspelheim Seed

You obtain the initial Muspelheim seed in Svartalfheim, in the Modvitnir’s Rig area. On the system neglecting the crane, you’ll see a Legendary Chest. It consists of the initial Muspelheim seed. (Stop currently if you don’t desire looters.)

Second Muspelheim Seed

The 2nd Muspelheim seed is additionally in Svartalfheim, however you won’t have the ability to obtain it till method later on in the game. It’s situated especially in the Alberich Hollow location — which is just obtainable after you’ve built the Draupnir Spear.

God of War Ragnarok’s map shows the location of the second Muspelheim Seed in Svartalfheim.

Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment through Polygon

Once you have the spear, head to Dragon Beach. Use the spear to scale the systems approximately the huge bridge, after that transform left on top (by the huge sculpture of the dwarf) to get involved in Alberich Hollow. You’ll see a Legendary Chest having the 2nd Muspelheim seed.

Muspelheim Challenges

Muspelheim includes 3 main chambers (situated west to eastern, from most convenient to hardest). At initially, you’ll just have accessibility to 2 obstacles per chamber. Completing all 6 will certainly note the “The Crucible” side mission as total.

Some keeps in mind to bear in mind: Your wellness bar will totally revitalize in between obstacle efforts, however your craze bar won’t. Any abilities you land will certainly add towards development you’ve made toward unlocking mod tokens (unless you pass away). You’ll gain rewards for each obstacle you total, consisting of magnificent ashes, an unusual crafting element made use of for top-level shield collections.

Once you end up all 6 obstacles, you’ll open a 3rd obstacle for every chamber, however that’s those are much better conserved for God of War Ragnarök’s last act (both in regards to the obstacles they posture as well as the rewards you gain). For currently, right here are all the obstacles you require to defeat to mark off “The Crucible” side mission.

First Chamber Challenges

  1. Weapon Mastery: Kill 16 opponents in 3 mins. Easy peasy.
  2. Flawless: Kill 15 opponents without taking any type of damages. Seriously, one hit will certainly trigger you to fall short. Not very easy or peasy!

Second Chamber Challenges

  1. Ring Out Challenge: Kill 21 opponents by pressing them right into lava pits. Your Spartan kick strike (R2 while unarmed) will certainly do marvels right here, incidentally.
  2. Feed the Rift: Throw 6 beautiful orbs right into a huge temporal break in much less than a min (the countdown doesn’t begin till you sink the initial orb), after that throw 15 orbs right into the exact same point in much less than 2 as well as a fifty percent mins. Watch out for the drifting bits, as they’ll ruin any type of orbs you’re bring.

Third Chamber

  1. Population Control: Kill a huge opponent however don’t allow cannon straw flooding the field. If there are greater than 4 lower-level opponents on the area, you have 20 secs to lower their numbers.
  2. King of the Hill: Don’t allowed opponents inhabit round areas enough time for a scale to load all the up. First wave has one area; you need to make it through for 40 secs. Second wave has 2 areas, as well as you need to last 70 secs. Third wave needs you to watch on 3 areas for 90 secs. The scale doesn’t reset in between waves. If that isn’t even worse than an icy heck, I don’t understand what is.

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