HMV To Celebrate 100th B-Day With Openings, Intimate Ed Sheeran In-Store Show

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Ed Sheeran

British-based entertainment chain HMV is celebrating its 100th birthday by opening some new brick-and-mortar locations and hosting an intimate in-store gig by Ed Sheeran. The company, which opened its first stores in July 1921 in London, had been closing stores over the past decade due to declining physical CD and DVD sales.

As part of the anniversary commemoration, HMV will open a proposed 10 new stores around the UK this summer after closing down 27 in 2019. Sheeran will perform a set at the HMV Empire in Hertford Street, Coventry on Aug. 25, with just 700 tickets available for the gig to UK residents only; fans can apply for tickets here. Attendees will have to undergo a temperature check in order to comply with COVID-19 protocols.

“HMV is a store that I spent a lot of time in growing up and a place where I discovered lots of new music, so I’m looking forward to celebrating this milestone with them,” Sheeran said in a statement according to BBC News, with the store’s co-owners, Phil Rooney and Dave Brayley adding, To have Ed Sheeran – one of the world’s biggest artists – not only coming to Coventry but performing in our new venue, the HMV Empire, is simply mind-blowing.”

Check out tweets about the Sheeran show and the anniversary celebration below.


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