Gundam Evolution invites Gundam and also Overwatch followers with large steel arms

The white and green Unicorn Gundam robot aims a four barreled laser gun at a target just off screen while standing in front of industrial buildings in a screenshot from Gundam Evolution.

Image: Bandai Namco

I’m torn concerning whether I ought to advise Gundam Evolution to individuals. My sensations can basically be summarized with a vintage Futurama Fry meme: Not certain if Gundam Evolution is a great game, or if I much like Gundam excessive to see its imperfections.

What’s making my complication more challenging to drink is that other people are enjoying the game as well. People that may not even care about Gundam! Some of them are also claiming it’s better than Overwatch 2, one more prominent hero shooter that’s appearing following week. Some of that might just be anger over the reality that Overwatch 2 isn’t simply a follow up, yet a wholesale substitute for the initial Overwatch.

If Blizzard’s choice has actually left you looking for a brand-new hero shooter, after that allow me attempt to address your concerns concerning Gundam Evolution. Not since I understand a lot in all concerning Overwatch, yet since I understand method excessive concerning Gundam.

It’s enjoyable! (And cost-free!)

I might not have the ability to state if it’s “better” than Overwatch 2, yet I can most definitely report that Gundam Evolution is a great time. Despite being gigantic steel robotics, these Gundams battle and also pass away quick. You’ll likely be respawning often while attempting to record or safeguard factors or detonating and also deactivating bombs, so you’ll never ever be desiring for activity. There aren’t stringent personality courses right here, with also one of the most encouraging of mobile matches loading sufficient firepower to make most 1v1s an also examination of ability. Best of all, it’s cost-free and also commonly offered on computer and also gaming consoles, so you can quickly offer it a shot.

The microtransactions misbehave

Gundam Evolution might be cost-free, yet it’s additionally filled with microtransactions. There are loot boxes, 5 personalities you can pay to unlock, a period pass, and also luxurious versions that consist of exceptional money you need to make use of in 120 days or it runs out! You can grind it out in the cost-free rate and also gain sufficient non-premium money to open a Gundam if you placed sufficient time in, yet you’re mosting likely to have an extremely boring-looking account for a long period of time. At the very least it isn’t locking new characters behind a battle pass like Overwatch 2.

It’s even more like Overwatch 1 than Overwatch 2

Gundam Evolution has six-player groups, much like OverwatchOverwatch 2 is relocating to five-person groups. Unlike Overwatch 2, Gundam Evolution has actually stun assaults. Only 5 of the 17 mobile matches are secured at the beginning of the game, unlike heroes in Overwatch 2. Are there much more resemblances? Quite potentially, yet this is the degree of my Overwatch expertise.

No, you can’t play as Deathscythe

Gundam Evolution does not have not just a usable XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe, yet as a matter of fact does not have any kind of referrals to the only Gundam series many American fans have ever seen. Big oversight, or a $20 acquisition down the line? Who can state?

A Gundam with wings flies in the right hand corner above three other Gundams; a red and white Gundam with a shoulder mounted gattling gun stands on the left, a black and white Gundam with a laser scythe stands in the middle and a black, white and yellow Gundam stands in the lower right corner holding a sickle and snake faced shield.

Deathscythe and also all his pals from Gundam Wing aren’t in Gundam Evolution (yet)
Image: Sunrise

The usable Gundams consist of some deep cuts

Gundam Evolution includes a total amount of 17 usable mobile matches currently (every one of these robotics are thought about mobile matches, yet practically just a few of them are absolutely Gundams). This consists of numerous prominent mobile matches from the initial collection, consisting of the Zaku, Guntank, and also initial RX-78-2 Gundam, along with contemporary matches like the Unicorn Gundam and also the Gundam Barbatos from Iron-Blooded Orphans.

More shocking are the matches submitting the lineup from the very early Zeta and also ZZ Gundam, like the transforming Methuss and also Asshimar. Another playable character appears just in a Gundam manga and also video clip game. Best of all, the game has 2 matches from the fairly rare Turn A Gundam, which broadcast in Japan at the turn of the millennium yet just concerned America by means of DVD in 2015. This is very important since this Gundam includes a mustache and also you can play as it and also it is excellent.

A white Gundam with a blue and red torso jumps to the left, left arm extended behind it, with the other arm cradling a very large laser cannon, which is aimed at the lower left corner.

The Turn A Gundam is the only Gundam with a mustache.
Image: Bandai Namco

The usable personalities aren’t constantly screen-accurate

Gundam followers ought to be planned for approved errors from the beginning, and also the game states as much on the personality information displays. Gundam Evolution is not thinking about a close adherence to source product, and also it’s honestly a far better game for it. Sure, the early morning celebrity oddly called the “Gundam Hammer” is much from the RX-78-2’s most legendary tool, yet it creates a suitable second capacity right here. Other systems are offered tools and also capabilities they’ve never ever had prior to in order to make them much more well balanced boxers.

You don’t require to understand anything concerning Gundam to appreciate Gundam Evolution

There is no tale in Gundam Evolution. Unlike Overwatch, which has a solitary establishing all the personalities are from, Gundam Evolution is much more like Super Smash Bros. or MultiVersus, where a lot of personalities from totally various collection or timelines are all dealing with each various other for no excellent factor. The essential point is determining which personality will certainly be your very first Gunpla build.

Gundam Evolution is offered currently on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows COMPUTER, Xbox One, and also Xbox Series X.


Source: Polygon

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