Ghost Recon: Wildlands – the place to search out all sidearms, pistols and SMGs

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Bolivia’s an enormous map. You’re going to wish assist discovering each trusty sidearm.


Ghost Recon: Wildlands has quite a lot of weapons stashed round its map for gamers to search out.

It’s an enormous world, however you can also make it slightly simpler by utilizing this useful video information from INFsleeper to pick the sidearms you need in your hip.

Sidearms – basically pistols and SMGs – shouldn’t be neglected for the extra spectacular sniper rifles and assault rifles in Ghost Recon: Wildlands.

An excellent pistol with silencer is crucial for quiet infiltration, and rapid-fire SMG is your finest pal when bullets are low and you could make a noise, retreat or simply spray and pray in case your plans are going south.

Look out for pistols just like the 5.7 USG and the Desert Eagle, or the Skorpion SMG, to finish your loadout.