Genshin Impact Cyno trailer brings an acquainted voice star and also great deals of negative jokes

Genshin Impact
(Image credit score: Hoyoverse)

Hoyoverse has actually raised the shroud on Genshin Impact’s Cyno with a personality trailer and also a flooding of brand-new information, and also the brand-new electro personality is growing the game’s link to Fire Emblem.

Cyno’s English voice star is Alejandro Saab, a respected voice star that you might acknowledge as Yuri, leader of the Ashen Wolves from the Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC. That makes him the 2nd Three Houses lord to show up in Genshin, after Chris Hackney, that articulates both Dimitri and alsoKamisato That simply implies we’re a Tara Platt and also a Joe Zieja far from having all the Three Houses lords stood for in Genshin Impact.

Trivia apart, you can listen to Saab as Cyno in the trailer listed below, which showcases the brand-new personality searching down a team of academics in a large desert.

While that trailer may make Cyno appear amazing and also with each other, his authorities info page (opens up in brand-new tab) reveals that he’s obtained various other rate of interests, like “unfunny jokes.” He’s also obtained a joke in his rumor web page: “Hmm… a joke? Ah, I’ve got just the one. Ahem… There once was a traveler, stranded in the desert and dying of thirst, who in desperation prayed for a Hydro Slime to come their way. But the traveler didn’t realize that at that very moment, a starving Hydro Slime was praying to meet a lone, stranded traveler…. What, not funny? Tsk, I think it’s hysterical.”

In functional terms, Cyno is developed around dealing constant damages, with specific inputs giving extra bonus offers. His important ruptured places him in a state where you can time uses his important ability to additional rise that ability’s damages and also fire off extra strikes.

The devs are presently servicing methods to makeGenshin Impact less intimidating for new players Check out our overviews to Genshin Impact codes and also the Genshin Impact character tier list for aid diving in.




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