Genshin Impact ‘clearance level’ rise overview

The Genshin Impact Scarlet Sand Slate, with several glowing blue runes on it

Image: Hoyoverse by means of Polygon

As you discover Sumeru’s huge desert in Genshin Impact, some systems will certainly radiance red, keeping in mind that you don’t have adequate “clearance” to utilize that button. While a few of these will certainly eliminate simply from finishing the “Golden Slumber” globe pursuit line, there are much more past that.

Our Genshin Impact clearance overview describes just how to enhance your Sumeru desert clearance to max with the Scarlet Sand Slate.

Where to begin Golden Slumber as well as obtain first clearance

Zhongli stands in front of a merchant in Aaru Village in front of a tent with a red tarp roof

Graphic: Julia Lee/Polygon | Source pictures: Hoyoverse

Bonifaz, a vendor in Aaru Village, will certainly provide you the pursuit that leads you underground, offers you the Scarlet Sand Slate, as well as benefits you with numerous rates of clearance to discover the damages in the desert. The pursuit is rather directed in-game: You’ll simply require to adhere to the directions provided as well as discover the holy places in order to finish it.

Once you do, if you engage with the Scarlet Sand Slate thing in your pursuit thing stock, it needs to look something similar to this:

The menu interface of the Scarlet Sand Slate, with only two blue runes glowing and three other non-glowing runes

Image: Hoyoverse by means of Polygon

How to max out your clearance

Once you end up every one of the “Golden Slumber” pursuit line, wait till the following day (in genuine time) and after that teleport to the Statue of the Seven beside Aaru Village. A cutscene will quickly set off, as well as you’ll be provided a brand-new globe pursuit line: “Old Notes and New Friends.

After speaking with some NPCs, your Scarlet Sand Slate thing will certainly obtain much more clearance as well as you’ll require to adhere to the tips on it to obtain even more. Select “The Mausoleums’ Depths” on the slate’s food selection as well as hit “go” to browse you to The Dune of Magma, which you can discover easily currently.

You’ll encounter numerous below ground Teleport Waypoints as you adhere to the navigating, as well as as soon as you reach the area, a cutscene with Paimon as well as the Traveler will certainly play. Once this cutscene plays, open up the Scarlet Sand Slate thing once again, as well as browse to the “Place of Rebirth,” “Place of Breath,” as well as “Place of Swallowing.”

Place of Rebirth walkthrough

Once you show up, the water degrees will certainly go down, presuming you turned on the Primal Ember in the space before to transform the column on. Once the water degree decreases, head to the western space initially.

Zhongli stands on a pillar overlooking several Pyro torches

Image: Hoyoverse by means of Polygon

In right here, there’s a Pyro lantern challenge, however all you require to do is grab the close-by Obscuring Cell on the side of the space as well as take it to heaven square base. A Verity Cell will certainly show up, as well as you can utilize that to make 4 even more lanterns show up. (Each brand-new lantern is beside a noticeable lantern.) Light these up with Pyro, remove the baddies, as well as companion the Primal Ember back to the primary chamber.

After the Primal Ember illuminate the column, head to the north hall as well as take a right, dropping the actions. Activate the Primal Beams, moving them over to make sure that the lasers aim throughout the hall, thus:

Zhongli stands in front of blue lasers shooting across the room

Image: Hoyoverse by means of Polygon

Activate the Primal Ember in the facility of the space as well as follow it to the primary space to obtain an additional degree of clearance.

Place of Breath walkthrough

As you adhere to the pen, you’ll wind up in a space with Primal Beams and so forth. Rotate the beam of light as well as damage the heap of rocks it’s focused on to unlock.

Keep adhering to the pen better right into the damages, running past the blue-tinted space. Activate the Primal Ember that’s not in heaven space as well as follow it down, tipping on heaven beautiful systems to make them go away below your feet.

Eventually it will certainly lead you to the primary chamber for the “Place of Breath,” combining with its corresponding column. Make certain to trigger the Primal Ember that remained in the space prior to the chamber also.

From the space the adversaries remained in, open up the north door as well as direct the lift. Jump off as it passes the space with the Primal Ember, trigger it, as well as lead it back to the primary chamber to finish “Place of Breath.”

Place of Swallowing walkthrough

This component is quite basic, however it calls for a great deal of running backward and forward. The chamber for the “Place of Swallowing” is best nearby from its recommended Teleport Waypoint, however all 3 Primal Embers remain in this space (Duat Hall). You can see them in the photo listed below:

Three glowing Primal Embers in bases in Duat Hall

Image: Hoyoverse by means of Polygon

Guide them via the space, meticulously timing their activity so they don’t obtain surprised by the gusts of wind.

Once you obtain the 3 Primal Embers right into the chamber, you’ll be finished with this action.

Great Hall of Truths walkthrough

Again, adhere to the assistance from the Scarlet Sand Slate to the last space. Follow the pursuit assistance and after that trigger the 4 columns at the edge of the massive framework.

Keep adhering to the pursuit directions, beat in charge, as well as head back to Aaru Village to finish this pursuit. Doing so will certainly open numerous much more subquests in the “Old Notes and New Friends” questline, however most notably, you’re currently complimentary to experience around the desert as well as fix challenges with your maxed out clearance.


Source: Polygon

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