GCU Our Social Media: Family-friendly GTA 6, Hit Charts, and More Today at 18:02 Opla G340

On our social media platforms, we frequently post content that isn’t quite important enough to be featured as a full article—often fan-created videos and illustrations. To ensure our visitors don’t miss out, even if they aren’t following GCU on other sites, we compile these collections.

The trailer for GTA 6 remains a hot topic not just in the gaming industry. On May 5th, during the Miami Grand Prix as part of the Formula 1, the official broadcaster seized the opportunity to release a fitting promo video.

Currently, the European Football Championship is taking place in Germany, but it hasn’t followed the trend. However, there is another connection to this sport. In the April-released documentary series Together: Treble Winners, there’s a moment captured where Manchester City star forward Erling Haaland plays the prologue of GTA 5 the night before winning the 2022/2023 Champions League final. It’s unlikely that this was his first time playing GTA 5; he probably just used a hotel-provided PS5 instead of his own account.

Erling Haaland playing GTA 5.

Erling Haaland playing GTA 5.

In early April, the 20th BAFTA Games Awards ceremony took place in London. Alan Wake 2 won two awards, Cyberpunk 2077 won one, but in general, there weren’t many games of our interest. However, before the event, subscribers voted for the best sequel, and Red Dead Redemption 2 won. As always, such polls can be contentious, from the format to the nominees (didn’t NFS: Underground 2 deserve to participate, for example?).

Best sequel in video game history voting results.

Additionally, 4,000 users voted for the most iconic video game character. The top twenty included both new faces (two from last year’s Baldur’s Gate 3!) and truly popular heroes. Arthur Morgan from RDR 2 came in 11th, while Lara Croft claimed the first spot.

Voting for the most iconic video game character.

The discussion about hit parades doesn’t end there. Following Apple Music’s top-100 albums, the Opera GX browser’s SMM team decided to compile their top 100, but for video game tracks. The results were, as always, rather controversial. The song from the GTA 5 OST landed at the 72nd position, while a track from Red Dead Redemption 2 took the 13th spot.

GTA 5 in the top 100 game tracks.

RDR 2 in the top 100 game tracks.

Here’s another attempt to bring the GTA 6 display to life.

Additionally, Internet enthusiasts have created several other versions.

Family-friendly version of GTA 6.

Family-friendly version of GTA 6.

Family-friendly version of GTA 6.

CJ in GTA 6.

CJ in GTA 6.

While we are purchasing police cars in GTA Online, someone from Latvia (in the photo from Riga) bought a Ford Crown Victoria and decked it out under the LSPD.

Ford Crown Victoria in Los Santos Police Department livery.

A month ago, Rockstar Games launched an official channel on WhatsApp. There are already nearly 2.5 million subscribers!

Official Rockstar Games channel on WhatsApp.

And finally, a little potpourri.

GTA 5 map in GameBoy style.

GTA 5 map in GTA: San Andreas style.

If GTA: San Andreas and GTA 4 were people.

In late May, Mike Dailly, one of the main developers of Lemmings and GTA 1, received this t-shirt from his former colleague Colin Anderson for his birthday. Did you catch the GTA: Vice City reference?

Anime based on GTA: Vice City.


Source: gta.com.ua