Fortnite’s Former Map Areas Evoke Feelings of Sadness

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Ana Diaz
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The as soon as opalescent locations of Grand Glacier and Lavish Lair aren’t what they utilized to be in Fortnite.

Players can still check out these places in the present Chapter 5 Season 2 map, however they don’t have the personality they utilized to. The brand-new upgrade has actually eliminated their manager battles and the safes packed with loot. Sure, you can still walk each area’s solemn halls, however every little thing really feels a great deal emptier. Now, followers have actually been uploading theatrical (and somewhat amusing) clips on TikTok sharing what they miss out on concerning the old variation as they check out currently lonesome places.

Epic Games launched Chapter 5 Season 2 of Fortnite on March 8. Another period suggests fancy brand-new places like the hazy underworld-inspired lands of of Grim Gate and the holy Mount Olympus. Generally talking, these brand-new Greek-influenced places have actually been dens of defending gamers, however that’s left various other areas in the dirt. For those that make the effort to make the trip bent on old areas will certainly locate they’re remarkably vacant. Now, gamers can’t deal with the old managers and areas have actually been cleared out of their bothersome NPCs and loot-filled safes.

This has actually influenced some to discuss the odd vacuum that features the deserted electronic areas. One person wrote on TikTok, “either i’m extremely emotional or something about these bosses being gone and the vaults being empty is extremely voiding,” in a video clip revealing a peaceful collection space in a manor. While some discussed the basic uninhabited nature of some structures, others missed out on particular personalities. In the remarks, followers regreted the loss of Montague, the previous manager of Grand Glacier. The leading remark, which customers suched as greater than 27,700 times, stated, “i was devastated when i found out montague is dead tbh.”


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The video clips are so excessively remarkable that they type of go across the boundary over right into a little bit. It’s been much less than a week because Epic Games launched the brand-new period, so all the agony may be a little bit overblown. In this video clip, a single person shares a video clip of a vacant space and plays a depressing Frank Ocean track behind-the-scenes.


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Fans have also shared videos to remember the places that the programmers obtained in the brand-new spot, like Hazy Hillside.

Not everybody misses out on the old places. People are currently having lots of enjoyable with the brand-new tools and checking out the brand-new places. It may be a little bit amusing, or a little bit unfortunate, however modification is the only actual continuous in Fortnite. I believe the Greek thinker, Heraclitus, placed it finest when he chatted about how everything changes, “You could not step twice into the same river.” I think the old thinker was not describing Fortnite when he stated this, however hey, it absolutely uses right here.


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