Final Fantasy 14 gamers are dissatisfied by this seemingly-excellent attire

Final Fantasy 14
(Image credit score: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 14 has actually included the attire of a mega-popular personality, however the enhancement has actually been consulted with frustration from gamers.

Earlier today on January 17, Square Enix lastly made Gaia’s attire offered to acquire on the Lodestone, allowing gamers spruce up as the preferred (lady) close friend ofRyne Players can currently put on the attire of the goth lady from the Eden Raid collection, given they’re prepared to pay out the money for the clothes.

However, gamers promptly recognized there’s significant concessions to Gaia’s attire. As the tweet listed below lays out, as an example, Gaia’s attire in fact comes as one clothes attire, implying you either need to use the entire attire, or none of it whatsoever. Swapping out components of the attire for various other items just isn’t an alternative.

Additionally, gamers recognized you additionally can not color Gaia’s attire in Final Fantasy 14. The individual simply listed below in fact suggests gamers obtain their hands on Gaia’s attire from the Savage- rate Eden Raid collection, and also as a commenter mentions, the dyable variation originates from the last 3 battles in the Savage Raid collection.

If you do intend to blend and also match your Gaia equipment though, proceeding via the Savage- rate Eden Raids is however the only method to go. Not just are the Raids challenging though – it’s damn tough to locate a group to play the Savage- rate problem establishing with on any kind of Raid collection, not to mention on that particular appeared years back.

For any kind of possibility of modifications to Gaia’s attire, we’ll need to watch on Final Fantasy 14’s authorities networks for even more.

Final Fantasy 14’s level cap will officially hit level 100 with the following significant development, however Square Enix hasn’t decided on what follows that.




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