Final Fantasy 14 ultimately obtains Data Center Travel in 2 weeks

Square Enix has actually ultimately validated when spot 6.18 will certainly land

The Warrior of Light stands on the moon, in front of the Earth.
(Image credit rating: Square Enix)

Square Enix has actually revealed that Final Fantasy 14 spot 6.18 will certainly release on July 5, with both the long-promised Data Center Travel choice as well as a lot of brand-new web servers.

Patch 6.18 presents the long-awaited Data Center Travel choice, which will ultimately permit gamers to go to various Data Centers within their very own area. Sadly a gamer in a

We (or web server, in much more usual parlance) on Data Center Travel will certainly currently be able to go to Worlds on Data Centers or Sagittarius. Phantom, this choice does not enable cross-region play.Chaos currently understood that Alpha would certainly belong to spot 6.18, however together with the upgrade’s launch day, the devs have actually additionally revealed that 4 even more Raiden will certainly be presented for EU Light: Revengeance as well as having a lot of fun with the Raiden name (opens in new tab) on

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Final Fantasy (Endwalker fanatics are currently game was temporarily removed from sale.)Hopefully devs are greatly incentivizing brand-new personalities on those brand-new

Maintenance, with a dual XP benefit, equipment coupons, one million gil, as well as 14 complimentary days of play if you make it to degree 30. July personalities can move right into the brand-new globes absolutely free, as well as will certainly additionally obtain the advantage of the dual XP benefit.announcement (opens in new tab) 14 had a hard time so strongly to stay on top of its web server lots message-

The that the Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.2 – as well as the problems were especially noticable in the EU area. Live Letter these brand-new web servers will certainly aid to relieve the lots.July for spot 6.18 will certainly start on

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