F2P-шутер XDefiant от Ubisoft выйдет 21 маяРелиз условно-бесплатного шутера откл..

The F2P shooter XDefiant from Ubisoft will be released on May 21

The release of the conditionally free shooter has been postponed several times, but now Ubisoft has finalized its plans.

New content will be released every 3 months, and they plan to release 12 new maps, the same number of weapons, and 4 additional factions within the year.

The preseason will start on May 21 and will last six weeks. At release, the game will have 14 maps, 5 game modes, 5 factions, and 24 types of weapons. And all this within a multi-universe based on Ubisoft’s games.

The project will be available on PS5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC.

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