Exclusive: Cast Album for ‘Rogers: The Musical’ Set to Release on Friday with Rogers Brand

Rogers: The Musical

Rogers: The Musical

Sean Teegarden/Disneyland Resort

Rogers: The Musical will certainly see its actors taping cd struck electronic sellers as well as streaming solutions on Friday, Sept. 15 from Walt Disney Records, Billboard can specifically disclose.

The 12-track collection is the friend cd to the phase program of the exact same name, which bet 2 months this previous summertime at Disney California Adventure Park’s Hyperion Theater in Anaheim, Calif. (See listed below for the tracklist to the cd along with a sneak peek of the collection’s “What You Missed.”)

The mini-musical – from the innovative groups at Disney as well as Marvel – gives birth to a concise variation of the life of the initial Avenger, Captain America (also known as Steve Rogers), along with singing-and-dancing Avengers (consisting of Nick Fury!). The one-act program – which flaunts a series of music designs – premiered June 30 for a restricted perform at the almost 2,000-seat amusement park location, as well as shut on Aug. 31. No more discussions of the phase program have actually been revealed.

The music outgrew a series in an episode of the Disney+ collection Hawkeye in 2021. In the episode, the title personality (an Avenger himself) goes to a proving of Rogers: The Musical, as well as the tune “Save the City” is executed by personalities playing Avengers. Both the music as well as “Save the City” ended up being follower faves, with the last producing over 1 million on-demand main streams in the U.S., according to Luminate.

Presently, the Rogers: The Musical cast cd will just be readily offered as an electronic download cd as well as by means of streaming solutions. There’s no word on if it will certainly be launched in any type of physical styles, such as CD, plastic or cassette.

Following the best of Rogers: The Musical at the Hyperion, the program’s author, conductor as well as arranger Christopher Lennertz said, “[It] was really important to all of us … to give everyone — both musical theater fans and superhero fans — something they would love about the music. And the fact that we get to span 70 years and do everything from ‘40s-style big band jazz to a singer/songwriter style pop tune and obviously the Nick Fury patter song meets ‘Uptown Funk’ — it’s the idea of giving everyone something that they can grab onto and really feel like it’s part of their story too.”

Rogers: The Musical Tracklist:
Title, Artist
“U.S. Opening Night,” Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Alex Karukas, Matthew P. Selby, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
“I Want You,” Josey Montana McCoy
“Star-Spangled Man,” Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
“Just One Dance (Preprise 1),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz
“Star-Spangled Man (Reprise)/Just One Dance (Preprise 2),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz
“What You Missed,” Jay Donnell, Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Luke Monday
“Save the City,” Bella Hicks, Andrew Hubert, Luke Monday, Alex Karukas, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
“Save the City (Playoff),” Luke Monday, Rogers: The Musical – Cast
“End of the Line,” Luke Monday, Josey Montana McCoy
“Just One Dance,” Rachel Wirtz, Luke Monday
“Rogers: The Musical Finale/Save the City (Reprise),” Luke Monday, Rachel Wirtz, Josey Montana McCoy, Jay Donnell, Andrew Huber, Bella Hicks, Krystle Rose’ Simmons, Alex Karukas
“Rogers: The Musical (Playoff),” Christopher Lennertz, Alex Karukas



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