Divinity: Original Sin 2 dev diary shows off PvP

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The folk at Larian Studios are working on Divinity: Original Sin II, but they’re also working on amusing videos such as the one embedded above. Ostensibly an update on the sequel’s development, CEO Swen Vicke also takes the opportunity to gently rib the fashion sense of people working in the VR industry. Oh, and apparently there’s a new secret in Divinity: Original Sin’s Enhanced Edition, something to do with “free VR”.

On the topic of Original Sin II, Vicke runs us through progress on the game’s competitive multiplayer aspect, while also drawing attention to how the world’s design will affect combat. For example, arrows and other projectiles have trajectories now, so if you’re shooting from the top of a staircase, you can hit enemies below (provided you’re good). 

The footage of the PvP stuff is off-screen, but it’s promising: given the sandbox nature of Original Sin’s combat, there will be a lot of quick thinking involved once the playerbase learns the ropes. For more on the game’s development, why not check out this recent presentation from the PC Gamer Weekender. 


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