Devblog 104

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This week we’ve added atmospheric new lights, rebooted melee, polished up armor, squashed bugs, optimised, crafted more new arrow heads, touched up Hapis, and more. It’s all at the official site.[]

  • Hapis Island bugfixes.
  • Hapis Island tint scheme synched with procmap.
  • Clients are kicked on exceptions
  • Fixed not being able to select/deselect the chat bar
  • Injure command is admin only
  • Reduced wounded immortality time
  • Fixed missing vegetation in DX9
  • Fixed view full story on main menu news items not working
  • New and improved melee combat hit detection
  • Ping is shown when convar perf is 4
  • Added ping concommand (prints ping)
  • New and more reliable building weak side system
  • Convar perf is saved
  • Fixed an issue where servers would flood clients during stability refreshes
  • Fixed an exploit related to hopping between networking groups
  • Fixed various light source LODing issues
  • Added spotlight support to light source LODing
  • Lantern visual improvements
  • Lantern placable on other deployables
  • Campfire collider size reduced
  • Fixed some items costing too many BP frags to research
  • Added ceiling swinglight
  • Many armor balance changes
  • Syringe insta-heal nerfed to 5, HoT increased to 30
  • Armor now absorbs damage and lowers its condition until broken
  • Brought back the small powerlines next to roads