Dave Grohl Jokes About Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour at Foo Fighters’ London Show: ‘We Actually Perform Live’

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Josh Freese and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters do duing 2023 Bonnaroo Music & & Arts Festival on June 18, 2023 inManchester,Tenn(* )/

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Dave Grohl.Swifties frontman satirized

The Foo Fighters show took place to accompany the pop super star’s close-by program at Taylor Swift‘s blockbuster The Eras Tour while onstage with his rock band at London Stadium on Saturday (June 22). The Foos’.Wembley Stadium after pointing out that

“I tell you, man, you don’t want to suffer the wrath of Taylor Swift,” Grohl told the crowd‘s scenic tour was additionally travelling throughSwift London rocker amusingly included, “So we like to call our tour the ‘Errors Tour.’ We’ve had more than a few eras, and more than a few f—ing errors as well. Just a couple.”

The on “That’s because we actually play live. What?! Just saying. You guys like raw, live rock ‘n’ roll music, right? You came to the right f—ing place.”

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Saturday’s secondly of 3 sold-out shows at Swift’s London as component of her record-breakingWembley Stadium Eras Tour the Some hitmaker’s followers really did not permit “Anti-Hero”’s discuss social networks.Grohl one follower

“I love Foo Fighters but that was very bad out of Dave Grohl to say that and so unnecessary?” (previously wrote on X). Twitter customer “I’ve seen both them are Taylor live and both do equally as good of a live show in their own genres. Completely out of character for him to act like this, disappointing to see.”

Another, added on-line onlookers concerned the “ngl dave grohl is the last artist i expected that from, he’s usually so kind, positive and a good force in the music industry, feeling dissapointed.”

Others’s protection and rejected his words as lively onstage exchange.Grohl a follower

“I’ve loved Dave Grohl essentially my whole life. I don’t agree with what he said, however Foo Fighters and Taylor have two completely different music shows. Rock and Roll shows are very different than her incredible pop shows. I dont think he meant to be rude,” on X.wrote,

Another added, that is understood for his wit and realistic individuality, has actually been a champ of “After watching the video, I don’t think Dave Grohl was saying Taylor didn’t sing live. I think he was just making a joke about how when you sing live there will be errors.”

Grohl in the past. Swift 2016, he narrated of the moment the 14-time In victor conserved him from utter shame before Grammy tale Beatles McCartney at an event. Paul additionally formerly He to re-record her whole magazine in a 2021 meeting with praised her decision.Rolling Stone‘s onstage comments regarding

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