CS:GO and CS2 Beta Update 31.03.2023

The much-anticipated CS:GO update has been released, bringing a slew of network optimizations, visual improvements, gameplay enhancements, and bug fixes. The update also introduces the CS2 Beta, offering players an exciting new gaming experience.



  • Multiple network traffic optimizations
  • Correct desynchronization of shooting random seeds between server and client code


  • Fixed positions of overhead labels and ping elements at different resolutions
  • Removal of halo effect around enemies
  • Correct clearing of bomb code when aborting bomb plant
  • Adjustments to inspect animations and console command restrictions


  • HE grenades no longer affecting smokes through walls
  • Disabled collisions between ragdolls
  • No weapon drops when getting bonus weapons in Deathmatch
  • Accurate trajectory preview for decoy grenades
  • Improved weapon pick-up behavior with the use key

Input System:

  • Movement allowed during buy menu and scoreboard focus
  • Voice chat enabled during team intro
  • Prevention of key sticking when opening Steam overlay
  • Resolution of user input confusion cases
  • Restriction of multiple actions bound to one key


  • Adjusted smoke grenade sound timing at a distance
  • Fixed lingering flashbang or grenade sound effects after player death
  • Added player-only sound for correctly jump-thrown grenades
  • Restriction of chat wheel lines to configurable options in game settings

Map Update:

  • Fixed a hole in the wall on Dust II

These comprehensive updates aim to enhance the gaming experience for CS:GO players, addressing long-standing issues and refining gameplay mechanics.