Counter-Strike: Source update for 06/16/2017 (b4014252)

List of change (b4014252 / v89): Updates for Counter-Strike: Source, Day of Defeat: Source, Half-Life Deathmatch: Source, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, and the Source SDK 2013 Base have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when you restart the game.…
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Update 7Launcher v1.1 for CS:S

Introducing the 7Launcher version 1.1 for Counter-Strike: Source. It’s time to update the 7Launcher Counter-Strike: Source. 7Launcher CS: S received new functionality and updated design, as well as improved the quality of the program. We received your numerous reviews, implemented…
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Update 7Launcher v1.0.7 for CS:GO

Introducing CS:GO Launcher version 1.0.7 7Launcher almost half a year did not receive updates. We have reviewed your feedback, solved many problems, implemented your wishes. Write to us more, we take into consider all wishes and criticism. CS: GO 7Launcher…
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Update 7Launcher v1.0.6 for CS:GO

Introducing CS:GO Launcher, Beta model 1.0.6 7Launcher had huge replace, evaluate to previous update. List of updates: – Been applied private launcher settings – rewritten mechanism of their obtainment. – Added operate to vary startup settings, through the Launcher. –…
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Update 7Launcher v1.0.5 for CS: GO

A New CS: GO Launcher 1.0.5 beta! 7Launcher for a very long time did not acquired the updates. During this time we’ve got acquired numerous suggestions and feedback. We tried to think about all of your needs and criticism within…
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Update CS: GO on 3/17/2016

List of adjustments v1.35.2.9: [UI] – Fixed important menu being shifted to the left. – Fixed mannequin panel not clearing when exiting stock whereas within the pause menu. – Fixed previous tournaments having incorrect scroll state. – Wildfire marketing campaign…
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