Can Shiny Blitzle Be Caught During Pokémon Go’s Spotlight Hour?

A shiny Blitzle on a purple background with sparkles around it

Pokémon Go has actually taken the world by storm given that its release in 2016. One of the most popular functions of the game is Spotlight Hour, which happens every Tuesday at 6 p.m. regional time. During this hour, a particular Pokémon will appear more regularly in the wild, providing gamers an additional opportunity to capture an unusual or effective Pokémon.

The latest Spotlight Hour included the Electric-type Pokémon Blitzle. This Pokémon is a fan preferred, due to its charming style and effective Electric-type attacks. But the genuine concern on everybody’s mind is: can Blitzle be glossy?

The response is yes! While it is still fairly uncommon, Blitzle can be discovered in its glossy type throughout Spotlight Hour. This indicates that gamers have a possibility to capture an unusual and effective Pokémon with a unique pigmentation.

Shiny Pokémon are exceptionally uncommon and desired by gamers. They are typically more effective than their routine equivalents, and their distinct pigmentation makes them stick out from the crowd. As such, they are extremely searched for by gamers, and the opportunity to capture a glossy Blitzle throughout Spotlight Hour is a chance not to be missed out on.

So if you’re searching for an unusual and effective Pokémon, watch out for Blitzle throughout the next Spotlight Hour. You never ever understand – you may simply be fortunate sufficient to discover a glossy one!

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