Bose x Kith — неожиданная коллаборация и странные наушники Популярный бренд одеж..

Bose x Kith — A Surprising Collaboration and Unusual Headphones

Popular clothing and accessories brand Kith, in partnership with audio technology brand Bose, have introduced a limited edition of Bose Open Earbuds Ultra.

These are in-ear headphones with an unusual design reminiscent of a clothespin, lacking any noise cancellation — quite unusual for Bose, known for its noise-cancelling headphones.

It’s anticipated that you would want to wear them as a unique accessory, but the quality of sound is a question. Bose and Kith promise that it would be excellent.

The price is $300, and the headphones can only be purchased on January 22 on the website or in the brand’s retail stores.

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