Bloomberg: прокачанная Siri научится управлять приложениямиПо данным аналитика М..

Bloomberg: Advanced Siri Will Learn to Control Apps

According to analyst Mark Gurman, Apple’s head of software Craig Federighi has tasked engineers with developing as many new AI features as possible for iOS 18, including the ability to control apps through Siri.

This feature will allow users to move notes from folder to folder, open documents, send or delete emails, request brief summaries of articles, and much more, all through voice commands.

The new feature will operate across the entire system, but initially only in Apple’s own applications. Additionally, the company will provide an API to developers for implementing the feature in third-party apps.

As reported, the release of this new feature is expected no earlier than 2025. However, it will likely be announced on June 10 during WWDC 24.

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