Blizzard’s shooter embraces the Splatoon vibe with Overwatch 2’s pioneering nonbinary hero

Concept art of Venture, a new Overwatch 2 hero who wields a very large drill weapon

Image: Blizzard Entertainment

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The Overwatch group did something unmatched at this weekend’s BlizzCon. Not just did they expose new tank hero Mauga (and made him quickly usable for every person throughout a weekend break test), programmers flaunted 2 extra heroes pertaining to Overwatch 2 in 2024. They also teased a 3rd, one more storage tank, that won’t involve the game up until period 14.

After Mauga, the following hero predestined to sign up with the Overwatch lineup is Venture, a damage-class personality that will certainly be the game’s very first nonbinary hero. At the Overwatch 2 – What’s Next panel at BlizzCon 2023, Blizzard defined Venture as a Canadian “swashbuckling archeologist” that possesses a drill so substantial it measures up to Zarya’s Particle Cannon — though it is not as big as Mauga’s chainguns, each of which are taller than Overwatch hero Tracer.

Venture’s drill allows them delve underground, where they’re untouchable, allowing them dig via map floorings to strike the opposing group from below. After dipping right into the flooring like a Splatoon squid child, Venture can rupture up and do harm to any person in their leave course. That drill likewise discharges an eruptive projectile and powers Venture’s dashboard relocation.

You can see a fragment of Venture’s in-development gameplay in the Twitch clip listed below.

Blizzard claims it’s maintaining Venture’s best capacity under covers in the meantime — programmers stated they won’t expose it up until period 10, which need to begin at some time about April 2024.

The Overwatch group likewise teased the following assistance hero, presently codenamed Space Ranger, that will certainly sign up with the lineup in period 12 of Overwatch 2. Space Ranger will certainly be the game’s very first Martian — because she comes from the Mars nest — and is called a “highly mobile support hero who has quite a bit of vertical mobility,” many thanks to various thrusters on her match and boots.

Finally, Overwatch 2’s 10th storage tank was teased throughout the What’s Next panel, yet just in symbol kind. The unrevealed storage tank can be attended the right of Overwatch game supervisor Aaron Keller’s shoulder and to the left of Winston in the screenshot listed below.

A still of the Overwatch 2 - What’s Next panel from BlizzCon 2023, showing the development team in front of a game screenshot that teases the 10th tank hero

Image: Blizzard Entertainment


Source: Polygon

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