Black Mesa Complete Beta

From Start to Finish

The entire of Black Mesa, from starting to finish, is offered on “public-beta”. Check out the recognized points beneath, and give it a go! We are so pumped to have this out. We admire the suggestions from the neighborhood; as we mentioned earlier than, it has proved invaluable.

How to Opt Into the Beta

-Select “Black Mesa” in your library
-Right click on and go to properties

-Select the “BETAS” tab on the prime proper
-Click the drop down and choose “public-beta”

Beta Release Notes

-Added Interloper C, Interloper C1, Interloper D, Nihilath boss battle, Endgame
-Changed grenade purpose level to be heart display for simpler aiming
-Fixed dash animation taking part in whereas swimming
-Fixed shotgun misfire after reloading
-Fixed RPG unguided mode in Earth ranges
-Fixed having to press “shift” after every degree load with “Always Run” enabled

-Tons of small adjustments and fixes to the “Xen chapter”
-Fixed Nihilanth intro mannequin
-Fixed most space portals rendering black
-Fixed leaf sounds, and skill of sure objects to fall via them
-Fixed cave lengthy bounce in Xen B to be extra forgiving
-Fixed houndeye path kill brush in Xen B1
-Key lit bullsquids on bullsquid path
-Minor enhancements to artwork and steerage at finish of Xen B1
-Fixed lacking solar lens flare in Xen C
-Fixed lacking solar lens flare in Xen C1
-Fixed gamers having the ability to skip puzzle in Xen C1
-Fixed third plug puzzle in order that brief twine can’t be utilized in lengthy cords place

-Tons of small adjustments and fixes to the “Gonarch’s Lair” chapter
-Fixed some lids not blowing off in Gonarch A
-Fixed crashes when participant jumps on physics objects (just like the rock columns in Gonarch)
-Fixed laborious transition from Gonarch A to Gonarch B
-Improved participant steerage
-Added purple lights to all fumers to higher spotlight them
-Added “gate” on second ledge earlier than crystal cave in order that participant can’t again observe, and gentle lock the game
-Increased body fee in crystal cave
-Improved fireplace entice
-Put explosive barrels subsequent to every crystal in water cave to higher clarify gameplay aspect
-Removed fireplace from Gonarch closing combat
-Lowered Gonarch inexperienced fireplace harm and display shake

-Tons of small adjustments and fixes to the already launched Interloper maps
-Remove first tentacle that might simply block participant path
-Fixed mannequin darkening at begin of Interloper A
-Improved participant steerage
-Removed phys objects that have been on participant path
-Small artwork fixes
-Made lengthy bounce path clearer and simpler at finish of Interloper A
-Better key lighting for participant path in Interloper A1
-Fixed a lot of the water seams in Interloper A1
-Minor artwork and bug fixes in Interloper B
-Better participant steerage in Interloper B
-Fixed gamers skipping mechanic intro and breaking space portals at begin of Interloper B1
-Improved participant steerage in Interloper B1
-Minor artwork and collision fixes to B2
-Interloper B2 not fades to black on the finish of the extent 😉

Known Issues

Overall Difficulty. We suspect some elements is perhaps too laborious or too simple. We’ll be watching play throughs and taking suggestions to seek out these points and repair them.

Performance. We have improved efficiency throughout the game, and focused particular areas to extend the body fee on all machines. Even with these fixes, there are nonetheless some areas we wish to enhance. For now, do not be afraid to decrease your settings if you’re getting low frames.

Factory Breaks. We are guessing gamers will have the ability to discover inventive methods to interrupt the manufacturing facility maps. We don’t anticipate any of them to be full blockers, however we’re anxious to see what gamers can do to those advanced setups, and the way we are able to mitigate points.

So it’s lastly out, on beta, for everybody to play. We hope you get pleasure from it. We shall be watching.

Thank you!

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