Best FiNN Warzone loadout – plus in-depth FiNN stats and recoil patterns

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The FiNN LMG is a strong contender for Warzone Season 5's strongest weapon, particularly when kit out with our best FiNN loadout described below.

If you’re gunning for stats on the most recent addition to the Warzone LMG roster, look no additional – our in-depth FiNN Warzone loadout information won’t solely stroll you thru the easiest loadout for this extremely customisable gun, but in addition break down the inside workings and stats of this new S-tier lead-spitter.

In this FiNN Warzone information:

Our FiNN Warzone loadout makes use of the gun's longest-range Adverse barrel to rip apart enemies at sniper distances.

Best FiNN Warzone loadout

No time-wasting right here: let’s leap proper in with an evidence of the easiest FiNN Warzone loadout we’ve discovered to date:

  • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel: XRK LongShot Adverse
  • Laser: Tac Laser
  • Underbarrel: Commando Foregrip
  • Perk: Sleight of Hand

Below you’ll be able to see what the FiNN appears like with this loadout outfitted:

This is what the FiNN looks like when kit out with the best loadout we've found so far.

So, what’s the philosophy behind this specific setup, and why is it so highly effective? Let’s begin with the beating coronary heart of this FiNN loadout, which is the LongShot Adverse barrel. All Adverse barrels on the FiNN fully change the gun, reducing its injury per shot however very drastically rising its fee of fireplace – to ranges unmatched by virtually each different gun in Warzone. The time-to-kill is much better with an Adverse barrel than with out.

The common disadvantage of the Adverse barrel is that it performs worse over longer ranges – however that doesn’t look like true for the LongShot Adverse barrel, which is remarkably sturdy and astoundingly correct even at lengthy ranges – notably with the Monolithic Suppressor and Commando Foregrip hooked up. You can see the impact this loadout has on the FiNN’s spray sample under:

A side-by-side comparison of the FiNN LMG spray pattern with our loadout equipped vs the base weapon.

So now we’ve got an especially fast-firing and correct LMG, however its dealing with and reload instances usually are not nice. Which is why we’ve opted for the Tac Laser, to hurry that ADS time proper again up; and the Sleight of Hand perk to convey that hefty reload time all the way down to acceptable ranges.

We don’t want {a magazine} mod for this gun, as a result of 75 rounds is greater than sufficient; nor do we have to add an optic attachment, as a result of the ironsights are surprisingly very clear and I’ve had no bother in anyway beaming enemies at sniper distances with this loadout. Give it a attempt; chances are you’ll simply discover your new favorite gun in Warzone.

Warzone FiNN stats

Let’s now take a detailed take a look at some detailed stats on Warzone’s FiNN LMG, together with the results of equipping considered one of its distinctive Adverse Barrels:

  • Damage Profile (Head | Chest | Stomach | Limb):
    • 36 | 36 | 28 | 28 (0-30 metres)
    • 28 | 28 | 22 | 22 (30-42.5 metres)
    • 27 | 27 | 21 | 21 (42.5+ metres)
  • Rounds Per Minute: 640 RPM
  • Magazine Size: 75
    • With Attachments: 100
  • Reload Speed: 5.78/7.10 seconds
    • With Sleight Of Hand Perk: 4.25/5.18 seconds
  • Aim Down Sights Speed: 350ms
    • Minimum: 200ms
  • Player Movement Speed: 92%

Adverse Barrel stat adjustments:

  • Damage Profile (Head | Chest | Stomach | Limb):
    • 28 | 28 | 22 | 22 (0-22.5 metres)
    • 27 | 27 | 21 | 21 (22.5-37.5 metres)
    • 22 | 22 | 17 | 17 (37.5+ metres)
  • Rounds Per Minute: 1020 RPM

As you’ll be able to see, equipping an Adverse barrel adjustments issues up fairly drastically in three classes: decreased injury, decreased vary, and drastically elevated fireplace fee. All in all, within the FiNN’s present state I’d virtually all the time advocate utilizing an Adverse barrel, just because the DPS and TTK advantages far outweigh the prices – notably when the gun is kitted out as we’ve described within the above loadout part.

The dealing with and velocity stats of the FiNN are literally fairly spectacular on the entire. The reload time is fairly dire, as with most LMGs; however the ADS velocity could be very aggressive for its class, and may be introduced all the way down to a lightning-fast (for an LMG) 200ms if equipment out totally for velocity. And the motion velocity is extra in step with Assault Rifles than LMGs, making the FiNN a fairly nippy LMG, all issues thought-about.

In its present state, I’d positively name the FiNN an S-Tier Warzone weapon, and fairly presumably overpowered. We’ll need to see how the meta shifts round this new gun – however till then, take a look at our ideas over on our Best guns in Warzone web page.

The FiNN LMG can be equipped with the XRK ChainSAW Stock attachment, removing your ability to aim down sights but drastically increasing movement speed and hipfire accuracy.

FiNN Chainsaw attachment

One final level to make concerning the FiNN is that it has a novel Stock attachment generally known as the XRK ChainSAW. This attachment removes your capacity to intention down sights as you’ll a traditional Warzone weapon; however on the plus aspect, it drastically will increase your hipfire accuracy, motion velocity, and dash to fireside velocity.

Another factor price contemplating is that when you can’t totally ADS with the Chainsaw, you’ll be able to nonetheless maintain intention to tighten the hipfire unfold a little bit bit – and whereas on this firing mode, the FiNN is definitely startlingly correct. If you wished to make a FiNN loadout extra fitted to running-and-gunning than the loadout illustrated above, then the Chainsaw attachment would discover a very completely satisfied residence in that loadout.

Hopefully now you’ve a stable grasp of the FiNN and methods to make it one of the crucial highly effective weapons in Season 5 with the proper loadout in Warzone. But in case you’re nonetheless hungering for ideas and stats, make sure you take a look at our different Warzone guides under!

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