After the release of the 1.6 update, Stardew Valley breaks its Steam player records

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It ought to be not a surprise: Stardew Valley, regardless of being launched in 2016, is still hugely prominent. In truth, it’s even more prominent than ever before. Following the Stardew Valley 1.6 upgrade released the other day, the farm-and-life simulator struck an optimal Steam simultaneous gamer matter of 147,612 — that’s greater than double the top simultaneous gamers at the game’s launch in 2016. Stardew Valley’s previous Steam document was simply under 100,000 gamers after the 1.5 upgrade introduced in late 2020, according to SteamDB. Stardew Valley is the 8th most played game on Steam at the time of creating, simply a couple of thousand gamers listed below Grand Theft Auto 5.

Crucially, this doesn’t consist of individuals that have the game via GOG, or individuals that mean to use Windows COMPUTER via Xbox Game Pass. (Stardew Valley gamers on console need to wait a bit much longer for the upgrade.) Though we don’t have precise numbers for all gamers, it’s clear that Stardew Valley is larger than ever before.

So what’s in the upgrade that’s obtained every person heading back to the game? The spot is in fact larger than anticipated, and the spot notes are extremely long. There are brand-new events, a brand-new ranch kind details to pets, brand-new mission lines, a bookseller, and numerous brand-new products. That’s not the reference the increased multiplayer areas, equilibrium modifications, insect repairs, and the keys and Easter eggs that aren’t clearly pointed out in the spot notes.


Source: Polygon

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