Actors in Death Stranding 2 are clueless about what to expect in the sequel due to lack of information from Kojima

Death Stranding 2 PS5 screenshot
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Even one of Death Stranding 2’s leading actors has no clue what the sequel is about because Hideo Kojima isn’t letting any details slip before the recording starts.

Earlier today, Hideo Kojima’s ‘HideoTube’ returned to YouTube after a seven-year absence, featuring many notable faces from Death Stranding 2. One of those is the actor behind Sam Porter Bridges in the Japanese dub of the sequel, who reveals that he has no idea whatsoever about what’s going on in the new game.

Around the 18-minute mark in the video above, Kojima and Tsuda begin discussing their work on the new game together. Kojima reveals that recording for the Japanese dub of Death Stranding 2 won’t start until later this year and that recording for the Japanese dub of the original game took 18 months in total. It sounds like the pair might be pushed if they want the game to launch next year in 2025.

“No! I have no clue! I only know what I have seen in the trailer, just like everyone else,” Tsuda responds when host Risa Unai asks whether the pair has discussed the story of the game. “There are more characters; I’m just keeping quiet about them,” adds Kojima.

“There are so many lines, too,” Kojima also highlights, indicating that Tsuda has his work cut out ahead of him. Kojima also mentions to Tsuda that he would “start to understand once you start recording,” which is probably a good thing – it helps if an actor has an idea of what’s actually going on around them. 

So, after all that, it turns out we’re just as in the dark as Death Stranding 2’s star about what’s actually going on in the sequel. We could be waiting a fair while for new information about the sequel if the release window of 2025 holds true.

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