Zelda: Breath of the Wild information – All Recovered Memory Locations

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Take again your reminiscences, with out the map-hunting ache.

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Locked Memories Quest – the best way to discover all of the recovered reminiscences

Once you go to Impa in Kakariko Village and have all the fundamental runes of your Sheikah Slate restored, she presents you a process: find locations you visited previously with the intention to reawaken reminiscences of 100 years in the past. This is how a lot of Breath of the Wild’s story is delivered, via beautiful context-filled flashbacks.

Impa will unlock 12 pictures in your Sheikah Slate, and every factors to a distinct a part of the world. When visited every will set off the awakening of a serious occasion from 100 years prior for Link, providing vital info.

There are 18 recovered reminiscences whole. 12 are discovered via the Sheikah Slate, 1 is revealed to you when the opposite 12 have been discovered, and the others are given by way of story occasions. Here’s the best way to discover all of them.

Recovered Memory #2, #Four, #6, #10 and #18 areas

As an vital be aware, the second, fourth, sixth, tenth and eighteenth recovered reminiscences might be awarded to you over the course of the sport’s major story – so don’t fear about these. The eighteenth and final specifically might be revealed very late on. They’re not a part of this major quest.

Subdued Ceremony / Photo 1 – Recovered Memory #1

This reminiscence is the first picture in your Sheikah Slate and is is fairly straightforward to search out – in the event you look on the map, there’s a round type of place proper in entrance of Hyrule Castle. This is the Sacred Ground Ruins. Head there and also you’ll discover this reminiscence – it’s an attention-grabbing one, because it introduces you to some very key characters. There are a lot of guardians round this space, so watch out while you go to seize this one, particularly in the event you do it early on.

Recovered Memory #Three / Photo 2 – Resolve and Grief

This reminiscence is the 2nd picture on the Sheikah Slate. It’s discovered simply north of the plateau the place you began the sport. Look on the map for the world in Central Hyrule marked Hyrule Field. Zoom in – you’ll discover the Exchange Ruins, Aquame Lake, the Forest of Time and the Gatepost Town Ruins. The nearest landmarks are the Oman Au Shrine and the Great Plateau Tower – Lake Kolomo is barely north from each of those. The reminiscence overlooks Lake Kolomo, wanting in the direction of the Dueling Peaks – the path to Karariko.

Recovered Memory #5 / Photo Three – Zelda’s Resentment

This is the third picture within the Sheikah Slate. You’ll discover this reminiscence within the Tabantha space of the map. Just to the south of Piper Ridge (which is to the West of Tabantha Great Bridge), you’ll discover an space known as Ancient Columns. There’s a Shrine right here – the difficult Tena Ko’sah Shrine. The reminiscence spot is correct in entrance of mentioned shrine.

Recovered Memory #7 / Photo Four – Blades of the Yiga

This reminiscence is related to the 4th picture within the Sheikah Slate. It’s discovered on the Kara Kara Bazaar. Look on the Gerudo Desert on the map after which discover Gerudo Town and Gerudo Desert Gateway. The Bazaar is on the midway level between the 2, and is tough to overlook. The reminiscence set off can generally be arduous to see within the vibrant desert warmth, but it surely’s on the fitting aspect of the Bazaar while you look from the primary store.

Recovered Memory #Eight / Photo 5 – A Premonition

This reminiscence is the fifth on the Sheikah Slate and is discovered within the Eldin Canyon space, the world on the outskirts of Death Mountain. The closest recognisable landmarks are the Woodland Tower and Minshi Woods – that is to the east of these. It’s additionally to the north and barely to the east of Pico Pond and the Mirro Shaz Shrine. It’s up on the hills overlooking Hyrule Castle.

Recovered Memory #9 / Photo 6 – Silent Princess

This reminiscence is the sixth picture on the Sheikah Slate and is discovered simply north of Central Hyrule and Hyrule Castle, between Hyrule Ridge and the Great Hyrule Forest. The nearest landmarks are the Monya Toma Shrine and the Serenne Stable. Head a bit of south east from these; there are two small swimming pools which can be (in the event you zoom in) close to Irch Plain.

Recovered Memory #11 – Shelter from the Storm / Photo 7

This reminiscence overlooks Lake Hylia’s huge bridge, however is a bit of distance away. It’s the seventh reminiscence on the Sheikah Slate. It’s discovered on a hill that’s sandwiched between Scout’s Hill and Deya Lake. These hills are marked on the map because the Hills of Baumer. If you search for Scout’s Hill on the map, it’s simply the opposite aspect of the Hylia river.

Recovered Memory #12 / Photo Eight – Father and Daughter

This reminiscence is a dangerous one to get – it’s in Hyrule Castle, AKA the ultimate dungeon of the sport, of types. The factor is, you’ll be able to discover Hyrule Castle any time with out consequence as long as you don’t go to Ganon’s lair, although you achieve this at your individual threat as lethal enemies are throughout. There are a number of methods in, akin to by way of swimming up waterfalls, going to the docks or gliding in from afar to keep away from the eye of guardians or just stocking up on well being gadgets and making a full-on assault. The citadel itself is threatening and oppressive but in addition completely surviveable for a quick go to from early on.

Once inside, this reminiscence is discovered on the Western aspect of the citadel, excessive up. As far as I can inform you’ll want to go outdoors and do at the least a little bit of dodging guardians. In a Western Keep type of space search for a room you’ll discover is Zelda’s quarters – there’s a diary written by her in right here. Climb the wall to the second flooring right here and also you’ll discover a small walkway – the reminiscence takes place right here. Consult our pictures, as discovering the precise room is usually a problem.

Recovered Memory #13 / Photo 9 – Slumbering Power

This reminiscence is discovered within the Akkala Region. It’s the ninth picture on the Sheikah Slate. Find the North Akkala Foothill – there you’ll have the ability to see the East Akkala Stable and Katosa Aug Shrine. Head straight West from there in the direction of North Akkala Valley and Ordorac Quarry. Nestled between these two is the Spring of Power, and that is the place the reminiscence is recovered.

Recovered Memory 14 / Photo 10 – To Mount Lanaru

You’ll have the ability to discover this reminiscence, the 10th picture on the Sheikah Slate, up within the Safula Hill space to the west of Central Hyrule and east of Satori Mountain. Among this space is the Sanidin Park Ruins – when you get onto these excessive mountains look out for the ruins with an enormous horse statue – that is the place this reminiscence is discovered.

Recovered Memory #15 / Photo 11 – Return of Calamity Ganon

This reminiscence is the 11th on the web page of reminiscence pictures in your Sheikah Slate. It’s discovered within the shadow of Lanayru. To the West of the mountain you’ll discover Naydra Snowfield – that is truly actually very helpful, and the snowfield leads previous Purifier Lake into Lanayru Promenade. It’s between these factors at Lanayru Road – East Gate that you simply’ll discover this reminiscence to recuperate. Things received fairly unhealthy, huh.

Recovered Memory #16 / Photo 12 – Despair

This reminiscence is the ultimate one, the 12th on the Sheikah Slate photos. It’s positioned simply to the North-East of the Bottomless Swamp on the east aspect of Hyrule Field. If you search for some textual content on the map that claims ‘Hylia River’ in between the Bottomless Swamp and the Kaya Wan Shrine and Wetland Stable, this reminiscence is found proper by this textual content in a small forested space.

Recovered Memory #17 – Zelda’s Awakening

The closing reminiscence that isn’t recovered naturally via story development, this one isn’t backed up by a photograph. After recovering all the different 12 reminiscences within the Sheikah Slate pictures, return to Impa. She will reveal this closing reminiscence location to you… and it’s been beneath your nostril since she first gave you again these reminiscences.

Once she’s proven you the picture, head south from Kakariko, again over the bridge in the direction of the Dueling Peaks Stable and Ha Dahamar Shrine. To the east of that is Fort Hateno, and between the 2 is the Ash Swamp space. The closing reminiscence is discovered on this location, the place the place issues got here to a head 100 years in the past.

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