You might have trouble staying awake through Diablo 4’s new endgame dungeon

Diablo 4 lunar event
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Diablo 4 gamers aren’t excited with the brand-new endgame dungeon, calling the Gauntlet “pointless” and “uninteresting.” 

Last week, Blizzard held the February version of its Campfire Chat livestream, exposing even more details concerning Season 3 of the action-RPG. Here, the group went much deeper right into reviewing The Gauntlet, a brand-new non-linear dungeon made to test gamers by providing a repaired quantity of time to confirm themselves and land an area on the leaderboard. 

Although this all audios extremely interesting, not every gamer is a follower of the brand-new dungeon currently it’s out. Over on the Diablo 4 subreddit, numerous gamers have actually articulated their frustration and stress with the brand-new setting, calling it “another glorified dungeon,” “pointless,” and “uninteresting.” The blog post listed below, for instance, has one gamer requesting for various other followers’ viewpoints on the brand-new dungeon whilst likewise informing them that they need to play it if they’re having problem going to sleep. 

This after that motivated an additional gamer to react discussing that it’s “not that bad” yet “a bit easy” in their viewpoint. Several various other gamers have actually claimed that they have actually attempted the Gauntlet out as soon as and have currently had their fill: “Played it once. I’m done with it,” one customer claimed in the respond to the blog post. 

Man the Gauntlet sure is one of the things they added! from r/diablo4

Another Diablo 4 gamer has actually made a blog post with a recommendation for Blizzard regarding exactly how to boost the Gauntlet: “Make Gauntlet profiles public,” the blog post reads. “The gauntlet leaderboard feels pointless with all of the profiles private. It should at least show skills of even private profiles [and] a basic view of the character.” Similarly, an additional customer has actually made a different post asking gamers whether they assume arbitrary dungeons and formats can be the solution to making the Gauntlet much better. 

“So far, a lot of the content creators are upset at Gauntlet for just being the same dungeon over and over, but isn’t the point of leaderboards to have a non-RNG ranking system?” the blog post reviews. However, a various customer responded to the blog post and mentioned that “random layouts would suck” as this would certainly after that transform the Gauntlet right into even more of “a game of chance” rather than ability. 

Elsewhere in Blizzard’s current Campfire Chat, it was exposed that Diablo 4’s Season 4 loot overhaul is so huge that it requires a brand-new examination web server 9 months after launch. 

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