Windjammers 2 trailer for Steve Miller and Arcade mode

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Windjammers 2 trailer for Steve Miller and Arcade mode

In development since 2017, Windjammers 2 takes its time in DotEmu studios. The French publisher has also decided that it was time to do a little update, since we had no news of the game since June 2020. It is therefore through the prism of a brand new trailer that we can see the great return of Steve Miller, emblematic character of the first episode, originally from Great Britain and endowed with fairly balanced statistics. At the same time fast, agile and endowed with a great strike force, it fishes at the level of the range of its casts, by far the weakest of the roster. This trailer is also an opportunity to discover the Arcade mode which will allow us to chain matches, while strolling around the mini-map in search of other activities. It will be an opportunity to train in front of a frisbee throwing machine and the good results will allow you to leave with credits, very practical so as not to lose your progress in case of failure.

Finally, be aware that DotEmu has announced that Windjammers 2 online will benefit from the rollback so that the experience is as optimal as possible. If Windjammers 2 is still planned for the course of the year 2021, on PC, Switch and Stadia, know that a playable demo is planned as part of the Steam Game Festival. You know everything.

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