Version Update Introducing Raid Boss “Bellanoir” – New Features, Enhanced Construction, and Additional Updates!

The latest update, version v0.2.0.6, for Steam has officially been launched.

▼What’s New
・The inaugural Raid Boss has been unveiled
⤷ Summon formidable Raid Boss allies by employing slabs at the newly introduced Summoning Altar
⤷ Slab-summoned Raid Bosses boast remarkable strength and are immune to capture. Collaborate with your existing allies to challenge these mighty adversaries.
⤷ Upon defeating a Raid Boss, there’s a chance to obtain Pal Eggs.
⤷ The “extreme” variant of the Raid Boss presents a formidable challenge with its enhanced power.

・A collection of “Training Manual” items have been introduced, designed to allocate experience points to Pals.
・The “Ancient Technical Manual” is a new addition, offering ancient technology points and can be discovered randomly within dungeon chests.
・Introducing “Recovery Meds,” items that gradually restore health over time.
・The “Homeward Thundercloud” item has been unveiled, enabling immediate teleportation to your nearest base when used.
・”Ability Glasses” are now available, allowing the wearer to view the stats of their Pals.
・New items designed to enhance Pal stats have been introduced, including “Power Fruit, Life Fruit, Stout Fruit”.
・A new passive ability, “Mercy Hit,” prevents Pals from reducing an enemy’s HP below 1 during an attack.
・The “Ring of Mercy” item enforces the same constraint—preventing the wearer from bringing an enemy’s HP below 1.
・The “Multiclimate Undershirt” armor has been added, offering protection against both extreme heat and cold.
・The “Electric Egg Incubator” building is capable of auto-adjusting the temperature for optimal egg incubation using electricity.
・A new “Ore Mining Site” building allows for the in-house production of ores.

▼Allied Creatures
・Kelpsea now has the ability to produce Pal Fluids at the ranch.
・Dumud is now capable of generating High-Quality Pal Oil.
・Metal ore weight can now be reduced while mounted on Surfent Terra.
・The ore yield while mounted on Astegon has been increased.
・It’s now possible to achieve the maximum rank for a Pal with a single synthesis via the Pal Essence Condenser.
・Negative status effects on Pals will clear after spending a duration in the Pal Box.

▼User Interface Updates
・Sphere aiming now indicates the capture count of the target Pal.
・Cooldown times for partner skills are now visible on the main screen for all Pals.
・Technology screen now displays equipment and item stats, regardless of unlock status.
・Tutorials have been enhanced and renamed to “Journey”.
・”Journey” visibility can now be toggled in the game settings.
・Damage number display sizes are adjustable via game settings, with recommendations provided for Raid Boss battles due to potential overlap visibility issues.

▼Player Enhancements
・On dedicated servers, items dropped by players post-mortem can be collected by others after a 24-hour real-time window.
・A new “sleeping” emote for players has been added.

▼Base Improvements
・Permission settings for specific tasks for base Pals can be adjusted at the Monitoring Stand.
・Chest filters for specific item types have been implemented.
・An “allow transport” option now enables the automatic transfer of crafted items to chests upon completion.
・Character appearance can now be altered at any point via the “Antique Dresser”.
・Rules regarding the placement of buildings and their components have been made more flexible.
⤷ Upward-facing stairs connections are now possible
⤷ Direct connections between roof pieces and foundations are allowed
⤷ Triangular walls can be connected to stairs

・It is now feasible to mandate work from a Pal and cancel their rest by propelling them towards a facility.
(Note: Pals regenerate SAN during breaks, so proceed with caution!)
・Fixed tasks will now remain as such, even in the event of adverse occurrences. Previously, certain tasks might alter under specific circumstances, but now they will remain steadfast unless the Pal is placed in the Pal Box.

▼Balancing Adjustments
・Various armors now have a baseline resistance to heat and cold, alleviating the need to switch armors based on the time of day.
・Egg incubator button press duration has been shortened.
・A more distinctive pattern has been assigned to Jormuntide Ignis.
・Legendary blueprints for certain firearms are now obtainable from specific adversaries.
・The market value of diamonds has been adjusted.
・Single-player mode no longer allows selection of initial multiplayer spawn points.
・Initial area boundaries have been established with rocks to prevent player disorientation or entrapment.
・The attack power boost from partner skills during rides has been uniformly scaled down from 2.0 to 1.2.
・Wild eggs now have a marginal chance of producing Alpha Pals.
・Flying and floating Pals are now invulnerable to fall damage.
・Pricing structures in the shop have been revised.

▼Bug Corrections
・Resolved a bug causing treasure chests to empty upon death within dungeons.
・Addressed an issue that caused duplicated accumulation of attack power increases while mounted.
・Rectified an issue preventing loot acquisition during mounted Pal captures.
・Adjusted the HP of the Legendary Pal and corrected disparities between captured and bred Legendary Pals’ HP.
・Fixed an issue with Pals consuming food while mounted.
・Addressed an issue with spheres thrown at close proximity to wild Pals missing or being lost.

・Enhancements to various Pal models and textures have been made.
・Sound effects have undergone additions and adjustments.
・Additional minor bug fixes have been implemented.

▼Dedicated Server Updates
・Server list sorting issues have been rectified.
・Server listing now supports page navigation enhancements.
・Dedicated servers have been enhanced with varied log outputs.
・REST API functionality has been integrated.
※ For further details, please consult the technical guide

▼Anti-Cheat Measures
・A flaw that permitted Steam account impersonation has been corrected.
・Seven additional critical security vulnerabilities have been addressed.


▼Soundtrack Update
・The soundtrack has been enriched with a new song. For those who have already acquired the soundtrack, an update is available to enjoy the fresh addition.
※ Please allow a few days for the soundtrack update process.


Plans are underway for a substantial update in the summer of 2024.
Anticipate exploring uncharted territories and embarking on new adventures on a recently discovered island populated with numerous fresh pals.
Furthermore, a significant influx of new content, including new structures, weaponry, and tower bosses, is in the pipeline.

We appreciate your ongoing support for Palworld.


2024/04/04 16:45(JST) update:

[Acknowledged Issue] Post v0.2.0.6 update, reports have emerged of an inability to place eggs within incubators. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

This issue can be rectified by reconstructing the incubator.
→Amended in v0.2.1.0


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