Major Update! Sakurajima v0.3.1: New Area, Companions, Buildings, and More!

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We’ve just launched Steam version v0.3.1!


▼New Features
・New Island – Sakurajima
⤷ Discover the newly introduced island, Sakurajima!
⤷ Seize control of the tower under the Moonflowers faction, and liberate this picturesque island!
⤷ Find and collect numerous new Pals residing on Sakurajima!

⤷ Engage in fierce battles at the newly established Arena in the Desiccated Desert! Prove your supremacy against other players!
(Multiplayer-only content)

・Stronghold – Oil Rig
⤷ Collaborate with friends to conquer the Rayne Syndicate’s oil rig in the ocean, defeating formidable foes and securing vital resources like crude oil!

・Increased Player Level Cap to 55!
⤷ Embark on adventures up to level 55!
⤷ Access new technologies
⤷ Capture bonus for Pals increased from 10 to 12

・New Resource – Crude Oil
⤷ Place crude oil extractors at designated locations to harvest crude oil
⤷ Craft top-tier equipment and spheres using Plasteel, derived from crude oil

・New Raid – Blazamut Ryu! The game’s mightiest Dragon Pal has arrived!

・Meteorite Event
⤷ Occasionally, meteorites or supplies will descend from space! You may even find a mysterious Pal from outer space…!?

・Tower Boss Hard Mode
⤷ Each tower boss now has a hard mode, challenging you to face them in their ultimate form!

・New Merchant – Medal Merchant
⤷ A new merchant trading Dog Coins for exceptional items!

・New Items
⤷ Mysterious Accessory Box – Permanently increases accessory slots by 1
⤷ Concentrated All-Purpose Pal Extract – Boosts Pal rank by 1 when used
⤷ Ring of Freight – Enhances carrying capacity
⤷ Vital Remedy, Stamina Remedy, Might Remedy, Speed Remedy, Burden Remedy – These remedies permanently enhance player stats. Previously, stats could only be increased through leveling up, but now you can achieve MAX stats!

・New Weapons
⤷ Laser Rifle
⤷ Flamethrower
⤷ Gatling Gun
⤷ Grenade Launcher
⤷ Guided Missile Launcher
⤷ Multi-Guided Missile Launcher
⤷ Meteor Launcher

・New NPC Cosmetic Hats! Emulate your favorite bosses!
⤷ Zoe Hat
⤷ Axel Hat
⤷ Lily Hat
⤷ Victor Hat
⤷ Marcus Hat
⤷ Saya Hat

・New Pal Cosmetic Hats! Emulate your favorite Pals!
⤷ Lyleen Floral Cap
⤷ Sibelyx Hat
⤷ Leezpunk Hood
⤷ Killamari Cap
⤷ Cawgnito Hat
⤷ Ribbuny Headband
⤷ Lamball Helm
⤷ Dumud Helm
⤷ Swee Cap
⤷ Dazzi Hat
⤷ Cattiva Hat

・New Buildings
⤷ Cold Food Box – Keep your food fresh while feeding your Pals
⤷ Sulfur Mine and Coal Mine – Harvest essential resources at your base
⤷ Pal Disassembly Conveyor – Automatically dispose of unwanted Pals! Reducing the emotional toll…
⤷ Wall-Mounted Sign – Post notes without taking up space
⤷ Refrigerated Crusher – An advanced Crusher to break down various items into usable parts

・New Feature – Lockpicking
⤷ Attempt to open locked treasure chests with the new lockpicking mini-game. Requires a Lockpicking Tool!

・New Feature – Pal Skins! (Cosmetics for Pals)
⤷ Change Pal’s appearance at the new Pal Dressing Facility!
⤷ The “Sunglasses Cattiva” skin is now available! More skins to come in future updates

▼Player Enhancements
・Pal Box capacity expanded from 480 to 960 Pals
・Increased the maximum power enhancement by Lifmunk Effigies from 10 to 12
・Option added to prevent auto-pickup of items beyond player’s carry capacity

▼Base Improvements
・Revamped building system for smoother and more intuitive construction!
・New pillars added to prevent accidents during wall demolitions and collapses
・Axis alignment function introduced
・Defensive walls can now be interconnected
・Connections can now be initiated from roofs, walls, stairs, and pillars to foundations (previously, only started from foundations)
・New building material “Glass” introduced. Observe your adorable Pals through glass walls!
・Base level cap increased to 25, and the number of allowable bases increased from 3 to 4 at level 25
・Adjust the maximum number of guild bases from game options
※Note: Excessive bases may degrade performance
・Adjust the maximum number of base Pals from game options
※Note: An excess of Pals at one base may degrade performance
・Implemented private lock function for chests to prevent friends from taking your metals
・Pals can be permanently assigned to specific facilities using the Monitoring Stand
・Prioritize the transport of cakes to chests
・Readjusted work priority for Pals
・Changed defense facility specs to allow working Pals to use them automatically even if not specifically assigned
・Measures to prevent base Pals from getting stuck due to impassable routes

▼UI Enhancements
・Added a lock function in the Pal Box menu
・Adjustable player crosshair color, and fixed issue where crosshair got stuck behind the player
・Ability to craft items in batches of 100
・More types of custom map markers available, and placement limit increased to 300
・Improved Statue of Power UI
・Enhanced sorting function for Pal Box, making it easier to locate your desired Pal

▼World Changes
・Junkyards scattered around the world! Unearth valuable items!
・New random event: Discover and steal eggs from “Monster Nests” hidden throughout the islands!

・New Pal Skills!

・Unique Skills
⤷ Jumping Stinger (Menasting)
⤷ Rocket Slam (Chillet)
⤷ Protection of Fertility (Lyleen)
⤷ Raging Flame Wave (Faleris)
⤷ Thunderbolt Heavy Tank (Grizzbolt)
⤷ Polyceraunos (Orserk)
⤷ Divine Disaster II (Shadowbeak)

・Neutral Skills
⤷ Air Blade
⤷ Holy Burst
⤷ Star Mine

・Fire Skills
⤷ Flame Wall
⤷ Volcanic Rain
⤷ Flame Funnel

・Water Skills
⤷ Splash
⤷ Wall Splash

・Grass Skills
⤷ Circle Vine

・Electric Skills
⤷ Thunder Rain
⤷ TriSpark
⤷ Thunderstorm

・Ice Skills
⤷ Icicle Line

・Ground Skills
⤷ Rockburst
⤷ Sand Twister

・Dragon Skills
⤷ Beam Slicer
⤷ Comet

・New Passive Skills
⤷ Philanthropist – Significantly reduces egg production time
⤷ Impatient – Reduced cooldown on active skills
⤷ Infinite Stamina – Increased stamina (Only for mountable Pals)
⤷ Noble – Trade advantage with merchants
⤷ Nocturnal – Pals with this trait will work throughout the night

▼Multiplayer Enhancements
・New setting to always reject guild invites

▼Balance Adjustments
・With the increase in accessory slots, accessories with identical names cannot be equipped simultaneously
・Defensive accessories rebalanced due to the increase in accessory slots
・Changes made to some Pal breeding combinations due to the addition of new Pals
・Adjusted selling prices of all Pals, with Alpha Pals now selling for about twice the original species price

▼Bug Fixes
・Mitigated issue causing PCs to freeze when exiting the game
・Adjusted grappling gun behavior to reduce instances of getting stuck
・Numerous other minor bug fixes

・A warning will now display if the GPU driver is outdated

・6 new tracks added to the soundtrack. If you’ve already purchased the game, update the soundtrack.
*Soundtrack update may be delayed by approximately one day.


We deeply appreciate your ongoing support of Palworld.


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