Turn into animals in GTA Online by taking peyote this week

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I’ve discovered myself oddly envious of pigeons these days, watching them strut round with out a care, and I really feel absolutely vindicated after turning into a pigeon myself in GTA Online. For funsies, Rockstar have re-enabled the peyote vegetation which let gamers rework into random animals, from canines and deer to pigs and pigeons. My favorite thus far is turning into a cougar, burly sufficient to bowl pedestrians over with out even attacking, although the stingray had a pleasant ‘nature documentary’ vibe rippling round beneath the waves.

Rockstar added peyote in October 2019 nevertheless it was just for an important day, disabled after a fortnight. Now it’s again for an additional week, until Monday, April 13th. They are: nice enjoyable. 76 peyote vegetation are planted in fastened spots across the land (and sea), and utilizing them will rework you right into a random animal till you die. I significantly like how the cat completes a stretch earlier than getting up:

I’ve been a wee Westie, a pig, a deer, a pigeon, a cormorant, a cougar, a shark, a stingray, Franklin’s canine Chop, a poodle with a really ugly shave… a great deal of critters. If you’re in the precise place on the proper time, you’ll be able to even turn into Sasquatch. The game calls these hallucinations however you inform that to the individuals who bought their throats torn out by a cougar in a carpark. For a very long time I didn’t even realise I might assault individuals, blissful to only stroll/trot/swim/fly round, after which I unintentionally bought right into a combat as a deer:

The on line casino valet really is probably the most devoted employee in all Los Santos. Now, greater than ever, I lengthy for the return of the San Andreas Deer Cam. You will also be aggressive in an terrible different means should you take to the skies:

I all the time suspected pigeons did it on function. Now I do know. But largely I’ve been scampering about all waggy:


Oh, as a bonus, popping peyote provides you an enormous chunk of RP. It’s sufficient to weirdly make tripping on peyote a quick approach to grind ranges, particularly as a result of vegetation respawn after some time.

Also again till Monday the 13th is Alien Survival Series, the mode the place we play as aliens zapping waves of hu-mons. Rockstar said in March that they deliberate to run additional occasions and actions in GTA Online and Red Dead Online “to help keep things fresh and fun” whereas everybody’s caught at dwelling. If it means extra foolishness like this, I’m nicely up for it.

They additionally plan to donate 5% of revenue from the ghastly in-game purchases to Covid-19 reduction efforts.

If you need to go on a visit of your personal, you’ll want to seek out peyote out in Los Santos. Honestly, they’re arduous to identify, there aren’t many given how massive the island is, they usually don’t even spawn till you get close to, so simply use a information . You can discover a record of places on a fan wiki however I discovered it extra helpful to look in this video:

Disclosure: I’ve some buddies who work at Rockstar. Folks say that in Edinburgh, you’re by no means greater than six metres from a Rockstar worker.


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