The most unusual Stardew Valley portrait mod is lastly again

There are a metric tonne of portrait mods for Stardew Valley. On Nexus Mods alone, there are 305. DCBurger’s Portrait Mod is probably the most distinctive that I’ve seen however by the point I discovered it in 2018 it had already been eliminated by its creator. After two years away, DCBurger has returned to add the unique.

Stardew Valley’s modding scene is extraordinarily prolific, solely surpassed by giants like Bethesda’s RPGs and Minecraft. Portrait mods are a well-liked beauty change that take away the dialogue busts from the game and substitute them with fan artwork variations as a substitute. Fan portraits are available a number of totally different varieties. Some flip each character into monsters. Others change genders. Many, a lot of them are styled as anime variations both in excessively cute chibi type or dazzlingly lovely bishounen.

Of all of the oodles of recent faces accessible, DCBurger’s are my favourite. The grittier portraits stand out from the pack. They’re darker in shade and tone. Most characters have traces on their faces and robust, sq. jaws. They aren’t shiny anime type however they’re beautiful nonetheless. These variations of Stardew Characters remind me of grimmer traditional reveals like Cowboy Bebop.

Image Credit: DCBurger

Not everybody beloved DCBurger’s portraits. The creator eliminated the mod from the Stardew Valley boards and Nexus Mods in 2017 after getting extra critique than they cared for. “It was loved more than I expected, but at the same time, I was asked and criticized for its criteria of femininity,” they are saying. Unfortunately, different modders noticed the absence as a chance and commenced importing their very own variations of DCBurger’s mod. Some had been modified or edited towards the creator’s needs.

Now, as a part of a push to maintain management of their work, DCBurger has re-released their creation on Nexus Mods and is sustaining an archive monitoring altered and re-uploaded variations of the mod. They have additionally submitted copyright claims towards a YouTube channel utilizing edited variations of the unique artwork. DCBurger says they’ve introduced it again “because deleting the original post and permissions only work in favor of copyright abusers.”

It sounds just like the return of DCBurger’s standout mod is generally pushed by copyright issues and doesn’t essentially recommend they plan to create new works. Art theft isn’t a brand new concern in fan artwork communities so it’s good to see a creator taking their credit score the place it’s due.

You can obtain DCBurger’s Portrait Mod from Nexus Mods. Be certain to pay attention to its dependencies on the Stardew Valley Modding API, Portraiture, and PyTK. It has been up to date for the most recent 1.four model of Stardew Valley.


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