The Helldivers 2 grunt captures a returning faction as the game’s director scrambles to restart the propaganda machine: “The Illuminate have arrived”

Helldivers 2
(Image credit score: Arrowhead Game Studios)

Keep your head down, Helldiver, blue sniper light beams (that might or might not exist) are widespread. Helldivers 2 gamers have actually been sharing video of what looks like a brand-new hostile intrigue in the game, though the shooter’s supervisor is established to reduce such anti-democratic lies. 

Helldivers 2’s Galactic Map has a great quantity of vacuum with the insect pest Terminids and the robotic military Automatons just occupying half the table. Developer Arrowhead Studios after that has area aplenty to include brand-new baddies and some gamers are currently persuaded that a returning intrigue, The Illuminate, is currently in the game.

Several clips and testimonies discovered on the game’s primary subreddit insurance claim that strange blue light beams have actually been fired from the skies and also eliminated a couple of cadets. Though a some Helldivers likewise assert that heaven light beams could in some cases target at adversary insects, so the strange pressure could simply be spreading their very own type of freedom. See the proof (or created files) with your very own liberty-loving eyes listed below.

HELLDIVERS 2 – Blue laser – ILLUMINATE??? from r/Helldivers

Blue beam caught clear as day! from r/Helldivers

The Illuminate was a significant adversary intrigue in the initial game. Their psychic teleportation capacities and tentacled faces made them both difficult to combat and also harder to take a look at. Some of the leaders likewise put on holy bathrobes to even more spread their spiritual zealotry, equaling the incorrect prophets of Halo’s Covenant. But that’s done in the past – The Illuminate was completely compressed, never ever to return – according to the follow up’s supervisor and the Ministry of Truth’s publicity device. 

Arrowhead CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Johan Pilestedt and various other fact preachers assessed the video to stop anti-democratic cases concerning The Illuminate’s return. “Blue beams aren’t real, it can’t hurt you,” he writes – unless you were unfortunate adequate to shed an arm or leg throughout those (phony) blue light beam strikes. Illuminate discoveries have actually been reported for weeks currently, so a brand-new risk will possibly sign up with the game earlier instead of later on.

Whatever follows will likely be equally as included and enjoyable to enjoy unravel as the addition of Helldivers 2’s mechs. With all the teasing and community-wide obstacles, Helldivers 2 has actually remained in a masterclass on exactly how to make an enjoyable online solution game. 

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