Surviving a Deal Gone Wrong: The Rise of a Silent Hill and Resident Evil-Inspired Horror Game


(Image credit: DreadXP)

Heartworm’s story follows Sam, who recently lost some people she really cared about and has since fallen victim to an internet rabbit hole promising a reunion with her dead loved ones. She ends up at a house deep in the forested mountains where there’s said to be a portal to the other side, and well, I think we’ve all seen enough horror movies to know this probably isn’t going to end well for poor ol’ Sam.

The dev promises 6-8 hours of gameplay with multiple endings in the full release. You’ll fight off a variety of monsters using gloriously tanky melee combat as well as third-person over-the-shoulder shooting, and when you aren’t actively fighting for your life, you’ll need to navigate “numerous bespoke puzzles” to proceed.

“These features combine with an emotional and psychologically-focused narrative to compose a nostalgia-charged love letter to late 90s genre progenitors Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Dino Crisis,” reads a bit from the Steam description.

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