Stardew Valley Community Can’t Bring Themselves to Correct Newbie Mistaking Shipping Bin for Storage Container

Stardew Valley multiplayer
(Image credit: ConcernedApe)

Stepping away from the constraints of corporate life and into the farms in Stardew Valley should be a meditative, healing experience – unless you mistake the shipping container for a chest, in which case the game takes a horror turn as you lose the most valuable possessions. 

That’s exactly what happened to newcomer thebruntwaffle when they posted on the game’s subreddit: “I put all my stuff in the chest and now I can’t find them? Help.” The accompanying picture is unfortunately of the shipping container, the big box where you place items to sell.

I put all my stuff in the chest and now i cant find them? help from r/StardewValley

I can only imagine their joy, followed by shock and horror when waking up the next morning to unexpected revenue. But what’s funnier is the community’s reaction to the epic fumble, as they all struggle to break the news to poor thebruntwaffle. 

Most top comments in the thread are simply memes showing animated characters serving major side-eye. Others have a protective variation on “oh honey no” – seemingly struggling to break the newbie’s heart. 

Redditor RhinoxMenace comes out bluntly to shadily say that “someone seems to have skipped all the intro dialogue.” Meanwhile, the original poster replied with a screaming Toad picture and a convincing defense: “IT LOOKED LIKE A CHEST.”

Arguably the most productive comment mentions that what makes “productive sense” is to “be able to access everything you put in the shipping bin until the end of the day.” With Stardew Valley’s 1.6 update in development now, maybe that’s a realistic hope.

For now, developer Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone has teased a New Year’s event with fireworks, pets with wearable hats, and more nebulous “secrets.”

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