Sonic deals with an entire multiverse of Eggmans and also Eggbabies in most recent Sonic Prime trailer

The multiverse remains in the zeitgeist and also the current hero to catapult himself with several truths is none aside from Sonic the Hedgehog.

In the brand-new trailer for Sonic Prime, heaven speedster locates himself ruining right into an entirely various fact — a type of cyberpunk dystopia where Dr. Eggman has actually taken control of and also guidelines with an iron clenched fist with a council of various other Eggmans (consisting of an infant Eggman and also an angsty teenager Eggman). But that’s not the only strange fact available. Sonic locates himself in forests and also on the high seas with pirate variations of his close friends.

It’s as much as Sonic to speed up throughout the multiverse — or in this situation the “Shatterverse” — so as to get back to his fact. Hopefully his close friends will certainly begin to acknowledge that he is.

The 8 episode very first period will certainly strike Netflix on Dec. 15. The very first episode is a 40 min unique, with the remainder clocking in at 20 mins.


Source: Polygon

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