Roguelike Have a Nice Death begins solid — however does it have a lengthy game?

Death and other members of Death Incorporated in a black-and-white splash screen from Have a Nice Death

Image: Magic Design Studios/Gearbox Publishing

Are roguelikes today’s specifying video clip game style? It’s a difficult debate to oppose.

Indie beloved transformed multiplatform giant Hades all but dominated 2020’s award season; Returnal showcased the PlayStation 5’s staying power in 2021; Cult of the Lamb, Vampire Survivors, Rogue Legacy 2, as well as Nobody Saves the World meshed roguelike mechanics with an array of other genres last year. And simply today, Dead Cells, among the very early staples in the roguelike renewal, gotten a new DLC in partnership with one of the medium’s most revered series.

Now, below is Have a Nice Death, a job from Magic Design Studios, which will certainly be totally launched on March 22 after a year in very early accessibility. Its lead character is none aside from Death himself, trimmed to a nub by exhaustion as well as apathy many thanks to the work of nonstop documentation as well as workplace national politics. I played 3 hrs of the game today, throughout which I reduced my method with the very first 2 locations of Magic Design’s administrative heck, collecting macabre brand-new tools as well as combating dark yet cartoonish indications of company society. Have a Nice Death obtained its hooks right into me very early with its limited fight, glossy platforming, as well as a variety of innovative opponent kinds. But I’m still not marketed on its lasting development loophole. And in a significantly jampacked style, a long-lasting development loophole can make or damage a game.

Death fires a bazooka at a nearby spider-like enemy in Have a Nice Death

Image: Magic Design Studios/Gearbox Publishing

As Death, your goal is to take a trip with the numerous divisions of Death Incorporated, reprimanding (read: battering) unmanageable staff members as well as dealing with company clusterfucks as you go. On each run, you start with Death’s reliable scythe, as well as construct a loadout from there. (The scythe, suitably, seems a completely outfitted thing.) Over the training course of a run, you could locate a spear whose strike functions as a dashboard past larger opponents; you could after that match stated spear with a duo of hornets that will certainly focus the local crook. After passing away as well as beginning a brand-new run, you could change to a tool mix including a substantial hammer as well as an area-of-effect fire strike. Weapon statistics change from gone to run, however additionally throughout each run, so you’re motivated to be versatile with your collection as well as swap out any type of tool that’s not doing the job. As Death, you’re active, able to chain slashes of your scythe right into midair dashboards that bring you to the following flying opponent, prior to pounding right into the ground under you as well as squashing an or else persistent challenger (spruced up in a Dwight Schrute-esque getup, naturally).

On a mechanical degree, Have a Nice Death is quickly receptive as well as gratifying. Most battles in the very first location (the Hall of Eternity) have actually been a wind on each run, consisting of each experience with Brad, the Chad accountable of workplace safety. Even the 2nd location, the Industrial Pollution Department, appears doing not have in significant difficulties, preventing the last manager of the location, one Mr. Gordon Grimes. There are upgrades called “curses” that can boost a tool or capacity however additionally present an incapacitating nerf, in addition to difficulties as well as modifiers that could make future runs harder — however overall, I’ve located Have a Nice Death to be a little bit as well flexible, appropriate as much as the factor where it’s extremely difficult. It’s feasible that I simply require to alter my believing when it come to my loadouts in future runs, however as it stands, Gordon is an undesirable trouble spike at the end of a drawing away cruise ship.

Death battles a bobblehead-esque enemy with pincer hands in the Toxic Food department of Have a Nice Death

Image: Magic Design Studios/Gearbox Publishing

Speaking of rough: Have a Nice Death’s wit varies from satirically terse (trainees are prevented from utilizing any type of powers or amassing any type of beneficial capacities) to downright cringey. An instance of the last: I ran into a miniboss called “W. Hung,” as well as, as it ends up, the name was not an effort at reference, however a recommendation to the reality that he was a white-collar worker hanging from a real noose. But wait! If you check out the journal access concerning Mr. Hung after beating him, it ends up that he was the rope, as well as not the male suffocated by it, as well as the mistaken belief was a consistent thorn in his side.

I intend on proceeding my expedition with Have a Nice Death’s mournful hallways, the far better to recognize its upgrades, discover its secret areas, as well as boost Death Incorporated’s numerous vending devices as well as staff member stores. But already, I can’t assist sensation like my trip so far has actually been typical. The roguelike genre is a competitive space these days, as well as while I value Have a Nice Death’s incredibly limited fight auto mechanics, I’m not positive that they’ll suffice to establish the game apart. Its lasting development loophole hasn’t got me, as well as its wit is pressing me away. But possibly Death still has something up his sleeve.

Have a Nice Death will certainly be launched out of very early accessibility on March 22 on Nintendo Switch as well as Windows COMPUTER. The game was used computer utilizing a beta download code supplied by Gearbox Publishing. Vox Media has associate collaborations. These do not affect editorial material, though Vox Media might gain payments for items bought through associate web links. You can locate additional information about Polygon’s ethics policy here.


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