Release of JCB Equipment Pack

JCB is one of the world’s top manufacturers of construction equipment, recognised globally by their signature yellow colour. Established in 1945, JCB’s product line encompasses a wide range of machinery, including excavators, loaders, compactors, telehandlers, tractors and more. Renowned for their innovation and reliability, JCB machines are widely used in construction projects, agriculture, infrastructure development, and various industrial applications worldwide.

Today we are excited to announce the arrival of this premium brand in Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator which is now available on Steam! The JCB Equipment Pack includes 10 different branded construction machinery from JCB’s machinery line-up for drivers to haul and deliver across the virtual roads of Europe and America. This DLC pack will include:

4CX Sitemaster Backhoe Loader

Combining the functionality of a loader and an excavator, the 4CX is a master of all trades on the job site. Its robust design, coupled with advanced technology, ensures optimal performance even in the most demanding environments. From large-scale construction projects to intricate groundwork, the JCB 4CX Sitemaster sets the bar high as the world’s best selling Backhoe Loader.

245XR Tracked Excavator

Whether it’s excavation for construction projects, digging trenches, or handling heavy materials, the JCB 245XR is ready to take on the job. Powered by a high-performance engine, this machine boasts impressive digging capabilities, allowing it to tackle large-scale projects with ease; along with its durable tracks providing stability and traction to navigate challenging terrains.

457S AGRI Wheel Loader

The JCB 457S Wheel Loader is a robust and versatile machine designed for handling heavy-duty materials. Powered by a high-performance engine, it delivers impressive acceleration and efficiency, while advanced technologies like load-sensing hydraulics ensure optimal performance. With its durable build and innovative features, the 457S Wheel Loader is an essential tool for any construction or industrial operation.

540-180 Telescopic Handler

The 540-180 Telescopic Handler is a versatile and powerful machine designed for a range of lifting and loading applications. With its impressive reach and lifting capacity, it excels in handling materials in construction, agriculture, and industrial settings. Equipped with advanced hydraulics and sturdy construction, it ensures reliable performance and efficiency on the job site.

6T-2 Site Dumper

With a sturdy chassis and robust construction, the 6T-2 Site Dumper offers excellent stability and durability, even in demanding environments. Its high payload capacity and efficient transmission makes it ideal for construction, mining, and landscaping projects, enhancing productivity and efficiency on the worksite.

4220 Fastrac iCON Tractor

Renowned for its high-performance capabilities, this agricultural workhorse is equipped with a powerful engine and advanced transmission, delivering remarkable speed and torque tailored to a variety of farming applications. Crowned Sustainable Tractor of the Year 2023, the 4220 Fastrac iCON Tractor features all-wheel suspension and four-wheel steering.

G100RS Compact Generator

The G100RS is a robust and dependable power generator engineered to meet the diverse needs of industrial applications. With its powerful engine and efficient design, the G100RS delivers reliable electricity supply for a wide range of industries, including construction, manufacturing, events, and emergency backup power.

Electric Vehicles: HTD-5E Dumpster, 19C-E Mini Excavator, 1.25QE Powerpack

The JCB HTD-5E Dumpster is a compact yet powerful tool for waste handling and material transport on worksites, offering efficient manoeuvrability and a robust build. The 19C-E Mini Excavator provides versatility and precision in digging, trenching, and site preparation tasks, making it essential for construction projects, especially in areas of limited space. The JCB 1.25QE Powerpack offers a sustainable and eco-friendly power solution for smaller equipment and tools. Together, these JCB machines streamline operations and enhance productivity on worksites.

We are proud to be able to bring you one of the most known and trusted brands in construction to ETS2 and ATS and we’d like to express our gratitude to Sam Johnson from JCB for working closely with us to make this DLC a reality!

We are also happy to share the JCB Equipment Pack will feature a selection of accessories for your cabin too, including a Plush Excavator, a JCB Mug, a JCB Thermos, a JCB bag and more. We hope you decorating your cab with these themed accessories.

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We look forward to seeing your screenshots and videos of you hauling JCB Equipment Pack with your rigs! Be sure to share them with us on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, TikTok). Happy Hauling!