PUBG Update Changes How Often Bots Appear

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds acquired a brand new replace this week that modified how continuously some gamers will encounter bots of their matches. The information has been well-received thus far because it means sure gamers will see precise human combatants extra usually as a substitute of the AI, however there are two catches to the change: It’s just for gamers with excessive MMRs, and it’s solely on consoles. There’s an opportunity that this alteration might come to different platforms as nicely, although that is dependent upon the results of the console-only change.

PUBG Corp. introduced the change for bots within the newest dev letter addressing the state of the game on consoles. An clarification of how the game’s bots system labored beforehand was adopted with information on the way it’ll work now that the ratio of bots to human gamers has been adjusted.

“Basically, the way matchmaking currently works with bots is that once enough players have convened, a game session will start,” said Joon H. Choi, the Console Lead Project Manager. “The session will wait a few minutes until the designated number of players fill up. If the session fails to fill up, the rest will be filled with bots. Now with the ratio change, if matchmaking conditions are healthy and the match is able to fill up with all human players, no bots will be added to the session.”

Fewer bots is nice information for many gamers, however it doesn’t have an effect on these on the PC proper now or these with decrease MMRs. There’s an opportunity the change might have an effect on extra individuals sooner or later although, however there’s additionally the prospect the ratio adjustment could possibly be reverted solely if it proves dangerous to the matchmaking system.

“We will be monitoring closely to see how this affects our matchmaking landscape,” Choi mentioned. “If we see that this change doesn’t affect matchmaking negatively, we’ll keep the change implemented permanently and look to possibly bring this over to other platforms. If matchmaking suffers greatly due to this decision, we may have to revert the change. This has been a long-time request, so we’re looking forward to your feedback.”

The bots replace in PUBG is now reside on the PlayStation four and Xbox One variations.


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