PS5 Restock at Walmart and Best Buy Leaves PlayStation Gamers in Pain

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Both Walmart and Best Buy released a restock of the PS5, and in the case of the former, a new Xbox Series X restock as well. So far in May, restocks of both consoles have been few and far between, despite demand holding steady. As a result, both restocks of the PS5 sold out extremely quickly today, leaving PlayStation gamers hurt, sick, and frustrated. Of course, some were able to nab an order of the console, especially with Walmart, but many were beat out not just by fellow PlayStation fans, but scalpers with bots and website issues. In other words, it’s May 2021 and nothing has changed; PS5 restocks continue to be disasters.

At the moment of publishing, both retailers are sold out of the PS5. So, if you clicked on this hoping to buy the PS5, you’re out of luck. And right now we have no clue when the next restock will drop. Walmart and Best Buy are probably done for this week, but more stock could come tomorrow and this weekend courtesy of Amazon, GameStop, Target, and others.

As PlayStation gamers wait for the next PS5 restock, many have taken to Twitter to voice their displeasure, while a minority of fans have been celebrating the pair of restocks, which came out of nowhere and right on top of each other.

Walmart the Better Restock?

Releasing in Waves, But Selling Out Quickly

Hurt Right Now

Also Sick Right Now

More Pain

“I’m Not a Robot”


Almost Had It

Best Buy Came Through


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