PlayStation Fans Celebrate Massive Amazon PS5 Restock

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A new PS5 restock dropped this morning, courtesy of Amazon, and it was a huge one. According to one source, the Amazon PS5 restock included over 50,000 consoles, which is a far bigger restock than we’ve seen with GameStop, Target, Best Buy, and others the past few weeks. Coupling this was the fact that it was dropped overnight while everyone was sleeping, or more specifically, at 2 AM. As a result, many missed out on the console, but for everyone up when it did drop, it was a fairly easy cop. Because everyone was sleeping and because it was a hearty restock, it took far longer than normal for stock to run dry. And even if you missed out on the standard version of the console, there were also bundles available that were very slow to sell out.

Despite the timing of the restock, there were still plenty of website shenanigans, but nothing compared to what PlayStation fans usually suffer not just with Amazon, but every retailer brave enough to sell the console right now.

With demand for the console still through the roof, the PS5 remains incredibly hard to get. Naturally, those sleeping through the restock weren’t very happy when they logged onto Twitter and noticed they missed the drop. However, there have also been plenty of PlayStation fans celebrating finally securing the console.

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