Outlast, Sunless Sea, Door Kickers and more in Humble Indie Bundle 16

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Else Heart.Break()
Else Heart.Break()

I was burned out on Humble Bundles after the first couple. In part it was because my cup runneth over with games I’ve never installed and bundles contribute to Steam library shame in a big way. But there’s also the fact that the quality is highly variable from one bundle to the next. Humble Indie Bundle 16 is obscenely well endowed.

You can pay what you want for Retro City Rampage DX, Never Alone (a lesson in Inuit folklore) and horror spectacular Outlast along with 80% off its Whistleblower DLC. For paying above the average ($6.17 at time of writing), you’ll unlock Trine 3 and Door Kickers, which was one of 2014’s tactical surprises. The bundle comes just as Door Kickers 2 has been announced. Coincidence? Well, no, not at all, but it’s still a great opportunity to see what the series is all about.

Door Kickers
Door Kickers

It’s $2 above the average price that the bundle goes from great to stupendous. Those two dollars get you Else Heart.Break(), which Andy raved over in our review, and Sunless Sea, which I rave over if you stand still long enough to listen. It’s a bundle packed with personality, and if you don’t already own the standouts, it’ll fill a gaping void in your collection.


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